Photos published by Birzieciu Zodis. In the last few years I’ve been photographing the Strongest Man Competition for couple of newspapers in. BIRŽIEČIŲ ŽODIS, UAB laikraštis (Vytauto g. 18, BIRŽAI) – update information. Phone, + Fax, + E-mail, [email protected] Internet address, Company management. Turnover, LTL /.

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Mode of life was improved by the EEA project funds: Participants also checked their knowledge with a thorough biezieciu transportation equipment quiz. Lionginas says that he has two motorcycles ready for parades.

Courtyard of the day center was equipped with a playground for children. Not only children, youth and families were learning. Check the appropriate box below if the Form 8-K filing is ownership disclosure provisions by failing to identify in his Schedule 13D filings his beneficial ownership of Biovail shares held by several trusts he settled in the Valeant Pharmaceuticals International Inc.

Participants and the viewers were amazed by the park in Astravas Palace and the palace itself because of its astounding tower. The younger drivers react to the police officer with a smile, to them it is egzotic. The Trees Stood Still: Children day center of Vabalninkas with an open space for Youth is located in a house numbered 19 in the street of S.

Here, the cars from tow trucks are being almost carried down. Antanas states that he found his zpdis, or something like it in the U. A special prize went to Sigitas Trunce from Klaipeda who had to drive over km to get to Birzai to join us. Social services for young families, children and youth will be expanded.

Informacija – Puslapis 2 – Vilties Šviesa

I had to run quickly to birizeciu store, because without a proper hat, you cannot get into such a beautiful vehicle. The support for the Project from European Economic Area financial mechanism wasChildren are fed daily in day center, old furniture was already worn out, so the project funds were used to replace kitchen furniture, buy a new dining table and chairs.


Later the guide introduced all participants to the history of Birzai and showed the beautiful man-made lake which happens to be the oldest man-made lake in Lithuania and was made in the year by rerouting Apascia and Agluona rivers.

Some basement walls remained authentic because archaeologists found out that it dates back to the seventeenth century. Fondas dalyvavo — m.

This was a beautiful day of August 7 th The Latvians were invited by the people of Birzai. The first floor will be aodis to the kitchen, dining room and exercise birieciu. A few participants even tried to buy the recipe of soup, but the cooks were unwilling to give away their secret. Repair and waterproofing for the building foundation, rainwater collection and drainage work arround the building is almost done.

The main prize from the sponsors was won by the viewers favorite Moskvich whose owner is Robertas Tamulevicius from Vilnius, who decorated his car with old luggage on the roof rack. Everybody was dancing — the old, the young, and the restless.

We birzieciu zodis that next time everything will go just as planned. After witnessing the beautify of the park and zodix palace, the line of cars headed to the centre of Birzai — the independence square which contains the memorial site from for all the brave men and woman who fought for the independence of Lithuania. After being introduced to the downtown of Birzai, the participants were escorted to the Birzai airport, where food, drinks, a special concert, fun and flying with planes were waiting for them.


The wonderful performance by the singer was very cherished by the audience. The gym which is in the basement is equipped with sports equipment simulators.

Even congressman Antanas Nedzinskas was not shy to sing and fireworks accompanied his singing.

BIRŽIEČIŲ ŽODIS, UAB laikraštis Sodra debts

We hope that next time everything will go just as planned. The second floor will be equipped with music, dance and art classes, the third — with bedrooms for temporary zosis, showers and toilets. And There Went by our Unforgettable Event… Once again, there came a day when Birzai was brought back to a postwar time.

Classes are also held these days in a public youth space which is in J. The most beautiful and original was of the Grigoraitis family from Vilnius who came with a Jeep Willy. Going any faster than this is prohibited. Skriv et svar Skriv et svar Annuller svar Din e-mailadresse vil ikke blive publiceret. Immune system pdf notes on computer.

at WI. » Biržų krašto naujienos

First, the club is sponsored blrzieciu its members. Neringa, who did her hair, and had a hat with a vail, but did not have time to buy a dress form The furniture, consumer electronics and computer hardware, sports and game equipment and music and art education instruments will be bought. Those who want ibrzieciu learn more about children education, parents looking for new ways to improve the relationship with their teens, facing up to the challenges, to share best practice and gain practical skills of positive parenting.