BioScope Resolve. The Most Advanced AFM for Life Science Research. Andrea Slade, PhD. Senior Life Sciences Applications Scientist. JSPM Instructional Manual · SPM Training Manual – Bioscope II · SPM Training Manual – Multimode · User Manual for Electrostatic Force Microscopy. Magnetic Force Microscopy, and this manual is designed to serve as a supplement to All SPM Lab users must log on to the Bioscope II first in order to turn the.

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The higher the proportional gain, the more Peter reacts to changes in altitude.

The display monitor is used to display the laser signal values. Pre-Imaging Preparation silicon wafer frame. Training and compliance with all safety requirements is essential during installation and operation of the NanoScope SPM. Laser Aim Setup from Optical Microscopes 1.

Bioscope Manual for SWI – TINATOONS

This manjal provides a brief description of some of the more commonly used parameters. Until the cantilever is optimally tuned, do not attempt to adjust this. This section analyzes the effects of the most important parameters. Should the Interleave Controls panel appear, click on the Main Controls button at the bottom of the window to resume the Main Controls mode.

The detector adjustment screws are at the left side of the head.

BioScope™ Instruction Manual |

This is done by way of a closed-loop feedback bioscpoe system. There are some subtleties in boiscope shape that should be understood to gain the best advantage from the silicon nitride tips when imaging samples with steps of 0.

After this is completed, go back to the center of the control screen and click on Main Controls to again bring up the most important control settings used for imaging. Step 3 provides instructions on how to separate substrates from strips.


Permanent damage to the scanner tube may occur. Load the Sample Load a sample onto the sample stage. This stores the height offset of the surface with respect to the tip.

When the cantilever reaches the surface, the system should automatically stop, beep and then begin to image the sample. The detector adjustment knobs are at the left side of the head Figure 5.

This parameter does not affect the number of samples used in Image Mode. Note that computers are not equipped with network cards from DI, but may be added by the user.

Next, use the laser aiming screws Figure 5. Install the bioacope skirt The protective skirt is a rubber seal used to protect the SPM scanner tube from liquids. The motor will begin to move the SPM head down towards the sample. Use caution when moving the sample holder with highpowered objective lenses. Failure to properly loosen the knurled mounting screw could damage kanual instrument.

Fluids must NOT be spilled on or around the sample stage, electronics boxes, or other components containing electronic parts. The upper screw moves the laser spot up and down as shown on the computer screen detector graphic and side-to-side long axis on the dark red laser spot screen directly on the SPM head. Rack and pinion X-Y sample stage manipulator. Typically, changing the Setpoint value to -2 volts will show the desired features of the force curve.

Tip Tunneling electrons Surface Figure 2. When lowering the head toward sample bjoscope, verify visually that the head stops in its dove-tailed mount just above the surface. Vacuum pump and line layout. Install Laser Filter A laser diode is used to sense the maual of the tip on the atomic force microscope of the BioScope.


In other words, the cantilever needs to exert a positive pressure on biosdope sample surface.

BioScope™ Instruction Manual

Depending on the tip in use, sample features of approximately 0. The desired operating amplitude depends on the sample, and other scanning conditions. There will always be a time lag between the input and the output height data of the feedback loop. Understanding the Cantilever Tune process and the effects of Real-time scan parameters is very important to effective operation of the mxnual.

Bioscope Manual for SWI

Tips and lenses can be damaged when focusing. It is fed into an RMS converter or phase module if attached for Tapping mode operation. Therefore, the maanual system will sense the error caused by going off of the step and respond more rapidly.

Basic Imaging Techniques 3. The input signal can be reduced by a factor of eight to see more of the Force Calibration plot’s signal amplitude. The image can be overwhelmed with laser light so that the sample cannot be seen clearly. If an objective lens is located in a high position beneath the vacuum sample holder, the vacuum sample holder can be planed up suddenly by raking it against the objective lens.