Request PDF on ResearchGate | On Mar 1, , Agata Dudek and others published Use of statistical acceptance of products in the. The structure-controlled hydroxyapatite/zirconia (HAp/ZrO2) composites were fabricated. At first, cylindrical hydroxyapatite (HAp) samples were. PDF | Due to its wide range of possible applications in current technology, hydroxyapatite, as a biomaterial, has been of great interest to.

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Fretting wear studies were first of all carried out for associations of concentrated or flat contact and also referred to the proposed wear biomtaeriay [7, 10, 16]. Bright field TEM image of the -case region. It seems to be therefore appropriate to undertake attempts aimed at finding alternative design solutions fo-cused on securing as high reliability of the structure as possible, with its mass reduced to a minimum at the same time [12]. Second kind alterate domains are alanine-rich,-helical regions.

Such particles can be formed at different stages of the preparation of batch materials for smelting.

Aby uwzgldni t relacje midzy niekonkurujcymi procesami degradacji, w artykule przedstawiono nowy model niezawodnoci sucy do analizy wspwyst-pujcych procesw degradacji. However, under non-hydrostatic conditions, the authors predicted the phase to exist over a larger pressure range Verma et al. The sequence of pthe precipitating phases is complex and depends on ageing ttemperature [4].


The vast majority of implant-able devices in orthopedics, dental prosthetics and cardiacsurgery is made of the commonly known titanium alloy withaluminum and vanadium – Ti6Al4V. Introduction At present the practical utilization of titanium Ti and its alloys ranges from sports equipment to the aerospace, power generation and chemical processing industries, and automotive, marine and medical engineering [1].


However, in biomaheriay study, the noble synthesis route was conceived, which is more cost-effective than the above route by the inexpensive TiO2 and aluminum raw materials.

W artykule omwiono metod wyznaczania zalenoci matematycznej do obliczania wielkoci starcia VBc najbardziej zuytego ostrza frezu limakowego. Comparison of the effectiveness of these matrices as doxycycline carriers based on inhibi-tion of bacterial growth after hour incubation period.

Described results are part of project that should lead to elaboration of local drug delivery system for periodontal purposes. Badania zuycia implantw, okrelenie ich charakteru oraz ocena intensywnoci zachodzenia procesw niszczenia mog w przyszoci znacznie wpyn na popraw zarwno waciwoci mechanicznych tych implantw, jak rwnie na prb zmiany ich ksztatu tak, by nowoczesne implanty kostne speniay swoj rol bez ryzyka zniszczenia w trakcie ich eksploatacji.

Physical Review B, Vol. Effect of the grain size on superelasticity of NiTi alloy [5]. The sizes of new tasks did not change significantly. Two main approaches have been used for the derivation and solution of the macroscopic conservation equations.

AFM images of silk fi broin fi lm: Probabili-styczny model wytrzymaoci na zginanie kompozytw stomatologicznych w zastosowaniu do modelowania niezawodnoci ukadw zb kompozyt stomatologiczny.


Simulation and experimental results of dilution depth are shown in Figs. For studies the scheme of a rail set load presented in Fig. For the measurements two liquid were used: Numerical modeling of the solidification of metal alloys is very challenging because a general solidification of metal alloys involves a bioamteriay mushy region over which both solid and liquid coexist and the biomaterizy phenomena occur across a wide range of time and length scales [Voller, ].

Buckling of cylindrical metal shells on discretely supported ring beams. Using the NRA method, we measured the concentrations without destruction of a specimen down to a depth of nearly 2. Volume-tracking methods for interfacial flow calculations.



The research cycle described here was based on assumption that determination of marcuniak effect of design changes on the nature of post-buckling deformations and the critical load value can be a subject of numerical simulations.

The above is also proved by the results of wear studies carried out by L. Thepresented work summarizes experimental results concern-ing determination of electrochemical corrosion resistance of NiTi alloys using the ASTM F standard [1]. The current generation of VOF methods approximate the interface as a plane within a computational cell, and are commonly referred to as piecewise linear interface construction PLIC methods [Gueyffier et al.

I Stanisaw GuzowSkI, Maciej MIchnej Yuan-jian YAnG, weiwen

The purposefulness of the individual treatment to the carry idler spacing, depending on the conveyors location within the haulage system and its operational loadings bigger for the main haulage and smaller for the division conveyors is found.

In the work a very simple, approximate evaluation of the sliding amplitude value was proposed, which will be the result of shaft deflection under the influence of acting force Q and P. The defects were located predominately near the ingot base and the ingot axis. The above may indicate that as well as the high hardness of the surface, the chemical composition of the material and crystallographic structure of the surface layer of the associated materials will limit fretting wear.