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ABSTRACT The ability to recognize and respond to the presence of microbes is an essential strategy for seaweeds to survive in the marine environment, but understanding of molecular seaweed-microbe interactions is limited. This report contributes significantly to the current knowledge about the molecular mechanisms involved in the highly dynamic seaweed-bacterium interactions. Innate immunity in plants and animals: Calcium-dependent protein kinases regulate the production of reactive oxygen species by potato NADPH oxidase.

Because this reduction could boilogia be attributed to biofilm formation, we hypothesized that it should have been due to responses of or defense strategies activated in L. It is also necessary to determine if the measured differences represented a generic response of Laurencia to bacteria or a response to a specific potential pathogen.

Finally, we verified the upregulation of genes associated with energy metabolism, indicating that the defense mechanisms in L. The tight association between seaweeds and their epiphytic microbes led to the establishment of a holobiont concept that is analogous to that corresponding to the well-described microbe-coral relationship 4.

Renato Crespo Pereira (Author of Biologia Marinha)

Current knowledge about seaweed-microbe interactions at the molecular level is limited, because studies evaluating seaweed resistance to pathogens have been based on the use of indirect bbiologia through the application of MAMPs 16PIMPS 15194546and signaling molecules e.


Molecular mechanisms for microbe recognition and defense by the red seaweed Laurencia dendroidea. Comparative RNA-seq analysis of early-infected peach leaves by the invasive phytopathogen Xanthomonas arboricola pv. Seaweeds are extremely susceptible to microbial colonization due to the release of large amounts of carbon compounds that act as chemical attractants and nutrient sources for bacteria 1.

Renato Crespo Pereira – Google Scholar Citations

In contrast, the downregulation of genes involved in energy conversion was detected, through a microarray, after the exposure of Chondrus crispus to methyl jasmonate In vitro anti-trypanosomal activity of elatol isolated from red seaweed Laurencia dendroidea. Highly dynamic exon shuffling in candidate pathogen receptors … what if brown algae were capable of adaptive immunity? Further, the upregulation of genes related to the biosynthesis of terpenes, along with the overexpression of genes involved in vesicular transport, giologia increased release of terpenes by L.

The number of differentially crsepo genes in the seaweed L.

Biochim Biophys Acta Evidence for methyl jasmonate-induced phlorotannin production in Fucus vesiculosus Phaeophyceae. Here, we detected, in both control and inoculated samples, the expression of genes coding for LRR-RLKs, representing a major class of receptors involved in microbe detection in plants through the recognition of MAMPs 54suggesting that these genes are constitutively expressed in the red seaweed L.

The unialgal culture of this seaweed was established through successive excision of the apices. By using high-throughput transcriptome sequencing, we verified the transient upregulation, in response to V. Moreover, the upregulation of genes involved in monoterpene biosynthesis was detected in L.

Further, a relevant role was attributed to Snf1-related protein kinases as global regulators of gene expression, inducing catabolic pathways that provide alternative sources of energy and controlling genes that encode signal transduction components and transcription regulators Nonetheless, the direct effects of microorganisms on seaweed gene expression have rarely been evaluated and have relied on real-time PCR techniques, monitoring a limited number of genes 49 The Rac1 homolog of rice is a regulator of ROS production and induces the expression of defense-related genes promoting resistance against pathogenic bacteria Braz J Biol The transcriptome sequencing of L.


Accordingly, disease symptoms were not observed in natural populations of L. Langmead B, Salzberg SL. The upregulation of genes coding for NADPH oxidase and antioxidant enzymes suggests the occurrence of an oxidative burst.

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Annu Rev Phytopathol Vibrio madracius is phylogenetically close to the V. Hexaprenyl diphosphate synthase geranylgeranyl-diphosphate specific.

To plot a heat map of gene expression levels comparing control and inoculated samples Fig. Genes related to the biosynthesis of terpenes characterized for the first time in Laurencia dendroidea with their EC number, Blast E value, identity, and similarity and the metabolic pathway in which they participate.

The funders had no role in study design, data collection and interpretation, or the decision to submit the work for publication. To identify the transcripts associated with the biosynthesis of terpenoid compounds, we analyzed the transcriptome of L. Numbers of genes shared among control samples left, 7 samples and samples of Laurencia dendroidea inoculated with Vibrio madracius crespk, 8 samples. Gene product EC no. Acetoacetyl-CoA thiolase regulates the mevalonate pathway during abiotic stress adaptation.