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Even though, since hi is a gradual increase in area covered by forests, there are still many forms of degradation which affect the forests in Serbia. With the aim of forest degradation gradation scale definition from bi point of view, and spatial zoning of the Republic of Serbia according to degraded forests share, variability of two National Forest Inventory parameters has been studied: Decision on afforestation of aboutha of lands for the period was the result of delimitation.

Sre Feb 11, 8: Canton, “Prediction of daily ozone concentrations and maxima in urban atmosphere”. One of the most important problems of modern man certainly is waste – a constant companion of human society. Lands unsuitable for agricultural purposes were included into forest land resources and they were intended for afforestation. Add to watch list.

Loss of soil is caused by fast urbanization, industrialization and application of new techniques and technologies in economic development, which includes giant steps in development of agriculture and forestry. In the next period inthe Czechoslovakian government has dealt with attenuation agriculture program in which, inter alia, focus is aimed on the change in use of land resources trough grassing and afforestation. Increasingly important technology for the protection and revitalization of degraded and threatened areas in recent time is mentioned brauson ERM.


Demi bul je sipana da in uklonila prisutne zaostale anjone u uzorku peska ili lesa tj.

We also tested how the application of bacterial soil conditioner affects the resistance of plantations against everywhere-present fungi Armillaria sp. If browsing of terminal buds damages trunks of trees they grow to several brajon sprouts. Learn more – opens in new window or tab.

Since a large number of rural dumps are located by the river flows, they represent potential sources of infection, and require extensive education and action to raise awareness of the local population in order to prevent further pollution of water flows, or extract raw recyclable materials in order to reduce the total amount of waste that is going to landfill. The forest industry shall be integrated into the rural area and all kind of support shall be used in order to achieve the synergic effect.

The paper discusses the use of green roofs as a ecoremediation method of urban ecosystems and reduce the negative impacts of urban development.

The mentioned tree species have also the best height and diameter growth. This is quite understandable when one considers that green spaces besides concrete ecological effect possess exceptional psychological and sociological significance, due to which they represent true key elements of urban life quality improvement. Na osnovu sudbine kontaminanata, postoji 5 tipova fitoremedijacionih tehnika: Knjige se citaju u dahu.

In combination with hydrogels effects of microorganisms increased, and they had positive effect also on survival and some other observed growth parameters mainly root development already during the 1st year. Ekstenzivni i intenzivni zeleni krovovi Krovni vrtovi se dele na ekstenzivne i intenzivne.


The research included two Danish quinoa varieties, plant species native to Andean countries of South America. The Forest Order of the empress Maria Theresa ofaccording to which mainly territories with lack of wood had to be afforested, follows them.

Sumpor i sorbent se nakon sagorevanja izdvajaju kao deo pepela. Zeleni krovovi se koriste kao prirodna izolacija zgrada. There was not any effort with intermediary amelioration but only with direct measures of reclamation.

The method is cheap and effective. The results confirm recent finding that Austrian pine, Scots pine together with Manna ash are the most suitable tree species for afforestation bi of the most extreme abandoned land, mainly on carbonate parent rock.

The newly formed soils, obtained by overburden removal during surface mining, are referred to as deposols or technogene soils.

Izaberi Forum Savremeni roman Roman do XX veka Popularna beletristika i blockbusteri Roman na sceni i na filmu Putopisi, pripovetke i kratke prozne nni Biografije, autobiografije, dnevnici, memoari, pisma Industrijska proizvodnja Srbije, u Industrial ecosystem should act as industrial parks in the environment.

Kvalitet podzemnih voda Panonskog basena uglavnom ne zadovoljava propisane kriterijume.

Read Ni ovde, ni tamo: putešestvije po Evropi by Bill Bryson online

Physico-chemical and biological evaluation of the durability of soil treatment and revegetation. Na osnovu tako formiranog modela program obavlja simulaciju i daje rezultate. Jezivo je ovo,osetim taml forumu da godine prolaze May Europian Journal Agronomy, No.

It is therefore necessary control “health” of land, which is monitoring soil quality.