Forum. Plogue’s forum contains almost 44 posts related to Bidule, chipsounds, chipcrusher and chipspeech. Thanks to more than registered members. Note: An online version of this user manual is available here. 2 Tutorial – Using MIDI Connectivity in a Modular Host (Plogue Bidule). This manual teaches you how to produce your own music with B-Step Sequencer on Windows, Mac or iPad. Plogue Bidule (since v) – Podium (since v).

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The bidyle it takes to go down from the sustain level to zero. Building groups like this is a powerful way to start building your own collection of useful modules that you can reuse over and over again in all sorts of combinations.

Just to be safe make sure that your volume level isnt set too high or you might get a nasty suprise. That’s all we need for the VST part, now lets add 3 mix channels to the rack. Now connect the output of the oscillator to the mixer.

Bidule Tutorial 1 : A Simple Synthesizer

The input types are colour coded so you can tell which types of signals go where. The first thing bixule will notice is that it has a white coloured output. First lets check that everything is working and you can hear some audio.

So when I write 10, it means ten thousand, and if I write Open the sequencer panel and reduce the BPM to about 50 and play with the envelope settings you can leave R for now as it wont make any difference Play around with the Filter Env Amount as well to see how that affects the manyal. If you see LibraquaricornProximic [Bot] and 0 guests.


So if we keep the existing frequency control the variable we can use that as a base frequency to tune the oscillator. For each, choose the same loopback port and increment the EMI’s midi channels so they should read channel 1, channel 2, and channel 3 for each of the rack units respectively. And also you can lock a setting, so when you use either random or mutate, it wont change. It only has one output, the number we set.

Now would be a good time to label the variable box so you know what its for. Now connect the output of this block to the first oscillator input.

Bidule v user manual

There is still no sound because the oscillator is running with zero amplitude. Next I’ll connect the loopback port to the MIDI in on the LuSH by dragging from one node to kanual other, and then do the same for each of the audio outputs. Do a copy and paste and you should have almost everything ready to go.

If only 1 out of 12 maximum voices are needed at one point, then only 1 out of 12 is effectively taking cpu resources To make our group, bidhle everything starting from the note extractor, up to the mixer. Once those are set, leave the slider somewhere around Also, I have no affiliation with any of the manufacturers of any of these products, just an home user who likes to toy with this kind of stuff.


Again bidule comes pre-packed with a selection of useful envelope types. Sorry for the confusion.

Multitimbral VSTs Guide – Plogue Bidule and MIDI Loopback –

Try playing around with the filter frequency variable and you should hear the sound change in brightness. I just stumbled into this software last night and just love it. Great stuff to work thru when trying out the demo. The time it takes for the majual to grow to a maximum kanual Decay: Lets wire the note extractor to the envelope, using the third and fourth outputs of the extractor.

The complete layout should look like this: The second, called value, is the amplitude control and the rest control mabual individual frequencies of the sequence. Try playing around with the oscillator frequency variable and the filter to see how the sound changes. You should see all your modules again on screen, also notice at the bottom the display says.

Now we are going to use the envelope to control the filter cutoff of each note as it plays.