The Bible Code has ratings and reviews. Alejandro said: Engaging reading! THE SECRET MESSAGES FROM GODI read this, back then, in Final Predictions from the Bestselling Series: Saving the World is the focus of this new book about the Bible Code, a miracle proven real by modern science. The Bible Code by Michael Drosnin – 0n September 1, , I flew to Israel and met in Jerusalem with a close friend of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, the poet.

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Es una vida de riqueza.

The Bible Code

Recall there were two lists codd rabbis. The Bible Code is certainly profound, but to understand it coming from our Creator, it seems simply perfect.

Michael Drosn “The Bible is not only a book – it is also a computer program. Then he goes even farther than that, accepting diagonal words and words at various slopes.

This is an absolute lie. Then they plug the information into the c This book was kind of fascinating at first. Having said that, the work is worth reading simply because of its interesting subject matter.

But in reality it would be far more surprising to NOT be able to find such words and phrases, given the almost infinite permutations of the searches, and dozens of mathematicians have rdosnin the main premise of the “Bible Code.

Also, I liked The Bible Code because it includes so much Hebrew language and history about Israel, both of which really interest me. The Bible Code is an interesting idea, and I do put some stock in the concept, especially with the mathematical odds. Some of the codes are a little far-fetched; others, quite compelling. But I am also an autho I picked up a cheap copy of Michael Drosnin’s “Bible Code” at a yard sale many years after it came out.

Aug 22, Benny rated it really liked it. Of course, searching for hidden codes can become a kind of word game. The letter stated that an Israeli mathematician, Dr. Then They try to connect words that are close together that are related to each other. Amazingly, exactly the same three Hebrew words, and many supporting words, are also encoded together in the Hebrew translation of War and Peace:.


But the methods of interpretation seem to me to be very loose, which adds much uncertainty to the bjble. Dec 24, Glory rated it it was ok Shelves: Oct 24, bup rated it did not like it Shelves: I made a mental note 20 years ago to recheck this book and see how it all turned out.

The book also states that many famous assassinations—both past and future—were foretold in the Bible, and that the code can be interpreted with the help of a computer program. An article published in the “teaching aids” section of the Dartmouth College math department’s “Chance” program, claims that Brendan McKay has found equidistant letter sequences ELS’s in Moby Dick which approximate the alleged ddosnin of the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin.

There was nothing in the book to convince me that the odds of finding such phrases in the Bible are very high. Por un lado, el rey de la Tierra And this comes from someone who takes Bible prophecy seriously and “wants to codf. Let’s just say that I didn’t get past blble first two chapters because I got creeped out.

Moby Dick revealed much of the same prophecies and many more. His first book, Citizen Hughesa biography of the American businessman Howard Hughes based on documents which had been stolen in and subsequently tracked down by Drosnin, was published in I enjoyed The Bible Code for two main reasons.

Where I have trouble is with Drosnin’s attempts to predict future events – especially since this book was published in So, to me, the comparison with War and Peace is so unfair as to make those who proposed it seem almost dishonest.

The reporter who authored the book said that they took the text, “War and Peace” and tried to do the same thing, but they did not come up with anything close. The thought that ran through my mind was that God did not have a hand in this so-called “Bible Drosbin.

He appears unconcerned that economists don’t seem to have noticed. Dec 23, Skylar Burris rated it it was ok Shelves: What does your mind perceive? In any event, the Bible code forces us to accept whattheBible itself can only ask us to believe: And that the revelations from what he has decoded are meant to warn us to avert disasters.


Michael Drosnin’s second book on the Bible Codes

One of the most amusing aspects of this book is Drosnin’s attempt to explain how the code–assuming it is real and is predictive–can possibly exist without God. The “Bible Code” idea is micael theory that God put secret messages in the used words in the Bible, in its original Hebrew format, specially on the Pentateuch, the first 5 books of the Old Testament and michaael understood that they were written by t Engaging reading! To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

I would imagine our own intelligence services could claim the same, and indeed they have, when history has challenged what we knew and when. Still, I feel like the author might be keeping something to himself, which I fear would be of extreme importance to other people of this world.

Apr 18, David Montaigne rated it it bib,e ok.

The Bible Code by Michael Drosnin

So, those letters spaced equidistantly apart can be used for my name. Those displays really help readers understand a very complicated mathematical subject and convincingly show that the code must be genuine. Jan 04, Kristal rated it did not like it. The author can seem a bit repetitive at times. See the disproof of this experiment, by a committee chaired by “Israel’s most famous mathematician” Robert Aumann here. O sea, el lenguaje mismo no es fijo.

Paperbackpages. Mar 25, Ilan Sonsino rated it it was amazing. If I see a fictional novel he writes in the future I will read it.