Audia. Audia Product List, Configurable Audio DSP · AudiaFLEX · Amplifiers · AudiaFUSION · Expanders · AudiaEXPI · AudiaEXPO · Mini- Audia Software. For control of Audia/Nexia, Biamp created ATP (Audia Text Protocol) and NTP ( Nexia Text Protocol). This simply means that Audia/Nexia will accept strings of. What do I need to setup multiple Audia units on a network? Answer: What type of cable is needed for connecting a PC directly to an Audia unit? Answer.

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We’ve been around for more than 40 years.

Ever feel niamp in a noisy, distracting environment when you need to concentrate? However, if something does go wrong, our support team is here to help. Fully integrated with the larger Tesira family, TesiraLUX offers the best networked video streaming experience, period.

Audia FAQ – Biamp Systems

Biamp offers audio solutions that meet the needs of virtually any educational institution. No matter what the size, budget, or networking protocol, we’ll help you find a solution. Biamp’s Tesira family can provide sound reinforcement and DSP for venues of all sizes and functions.


Biamp offers flexible, powerful solutions for installations large and small. Logic outputs allow the system to provide programmable triggers to external circuits, such as status indicators and speaker relays. Biamp products are designed to last, and are intended to be repaired, rather than replaced, if something goes wrong. Devio is a versatile AV solution for productive meetings.

Around the world, Biamp equipment is working hard to deliver, manage, and enhance AV content.

Actions include presets, mutes, ducking, combining, etc. Our sales and support teams are ready to help. We create professional audio equipment designed to provide the utmost efficiency and adaptability, allowing medical staff to focus on patient care.

Actions are any individual or grouped operation within Audia or Nexia. When I upgrade Audia software do I also need to upgrade my firmware? A single Audia unit provides the power of an entire rack of processors. Executive boardrooms are where big decisions are made.

Our bixmp are designed to facilitate clear communication in government conference rooms and courtrooms. Executive boardrooms are where big decisions are made. If you’re seeking a dynamic and engaging workplace, this is where you belong. Organizations are choosing multi-use spaces that can be combined and configured to suit a wide range of activities.

  LEY 17235 PDF

Audia/Nexia Text Protocol

The function and appearance of the graphic control interface can be tailored to the exact needs of the user, and daVinci lets you group or ungroup the control blocks at an unmatched level of granularity.

Biamp’s Tesira family can provide sound reinforcement and DSP for venues of all sizes and functions. Auxia age comes wisdom and sophistication.

Looking for the latest Biamp announcements? Each port can accept multiple remote controls connected in a 5-wire daisy-chain. Welcome Please login above.

Built-in diagnostic tools Remote function control via Aydia Event scheduling.

Audia/Nexia Software & Firmware

Can I use command string blocks to control other equipment, like a camera or a projector? Looking for additional opportunities to audiw your AV industry knowledge? Remember me on this computer. We also offer a frequently-updated YouTube channel covering numerous Biamp-related topics.

Our remote control for Audia and Nexia flush-mounts to any wall.