Since the hardcover move, I’ve read only three Laurens books. I think that it was the breather that made me appreciate in Beyond Seduction. After six unsuccessful months of wife-hunting in London, Gervase Tregarth, earl of Crowhurst and the second-to-last unattached member of the. In a moment of recklessness, Gervase Tregarth, 6th Earl of Crowhurst, swears he’ ll marry the next eligible lady to cross his path. Cloistered at his ancestral castle.

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May 13, Kay Bolton rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Cancel anytime and keep your audiobooks. John Miller had behond at the gaps, at the anchor, and had sworn.

Beyond Seduction

The Best Books of And how did he come to have the famous Finsbury diamonds in his pocket? I certainly will listen to other books by this author, but I forwarded through parts of this one and was just relieved that I could count this one done when it was over. She ran the estate and made all necessary decisions. He hadn’t even managed to develop any, as Annabel had termed them, relevant skills. Reaching the mill, he’d discovered the frustrated miller about to commence the laborious task of dismantling the grinding mechanism to see why “the damned thing wouldn’t budge.

I gotta say the way their relationship developed worked great for me.

Since his unexpected ascension to the earldom three years ago, and even more since he’d sold out the previous year and personally taken up the reins of the estate, he’d dealt with Madeline frequently, although busy as they both were, they most often communicated by letter. Meeting those usually innocent orbs, Gervase was faintly stunned to encounter unwavering, resolute determination – further accentuated by the set of her little chin. Some reason why, despite, of them all, having spent the most time in the ballrooms and being the most comfortable in that milieu, he seemed unable to summon any interest in any lady, not even in passing.


Solid historical romance, with a substantial plot element linked in to the overarching series plot. Though lsurens had many characteristics redundant with previous heroines in the series – 29 yo, spinster, willing to try out intimacy with a man, she seemed more real and interesting than previous others.

The Lady Chosen Stephanie Laurens. While no one would actually treat her as a man – thump her on the back or offer her brandy – she occupied a unique position. Gervase watched her go, idly aware that her peers in the district were the other male landowners; in their councils, she was never treated as a female – as someone of different status to the men. He wasn’t shouting, stephanir the force behind his words was enough to overset a more robust female than Sybil; he drew in a breath and tamped down his welling fury.

Yet to his surprise she looked down, and picked at her shawl’s fringe. Jerking the door open, he swung into the corridor – and nearly ran down Sitwell, his butler.

In this one, the earl has been sabotaged in his hunting in London by his loving half-sisters. Belinda’s chin tilted a fraction higher. Given the miles she covered every day watching over her brother’s interests, not even the most censorious dowager considered the fact worth mentioning. A little beyone similar to some of her earlier books. And he wouldn’t get anywhere in the next three months, either. In return, you three will accept that lady without question.

Each of the Bastion Club series can stand alone, but they call and coerce you to read all of them! Gervase Tregarth, one of the only 2 remaining bachelors in the Bastion Club, has been living in London for the better part of the summer, but when the mysterious Madeline Gascoignes calls upon Gervase to apologize for her half-brothers antics, Gervase reconsiders his next move. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

I was kind of hoping for a resolution to that, but it leaves me anticipation that it will be resolved in the next books. Kasus penculikan Ben dan Edmond yg berkaitan dengan penemuan sebuah bros “harta karun” yg ditemukan dan dihadiahkan oleh ke3 adiknya membuka mata Medeline kalau dirinya dan Gervase adalah pribadi yg saling membutuhkan dan menurut Dalziel mantan komandan Gervase kalau pelaku penculikan adalah sang pengkhianat terakhir yg selama ini diburu Dalziel dan bros temuan adalah salah satu alat pembayaran hasil pengkhianatan.


Beyond Seduction (Bastion Club, #6) by Stephanie Laurens

It’s long, filled with sex scenes and the mystery doesn’t really show up until very late in the book Dabei ist das Gute doch so nah und taucht auch schon bald in Form Madeline Gascoigne auf. Years of secret service to the Crown have taught Gervase the value of always having a loophole—there will be no wedding if he and Madeline are incompatible in any way. Because, in many ways, she was unique.

He was an expert in persuasion, in the art of framing the reasonable suggestion. So imagine his frustration when, despite the success of his seduction, she can’t seem to understand that he plans to marry her.

But then he meets his neighbor, the very appealing Madeline Gascoigne. As he poured himself a brandy, the latter events of the day scrolled through his mind.

They’d never, ever, seen him lose his temper, but knew him well enough to sense the change. The plot is complex sediction has many twists. Not even vaguely problematic. It still had some heat, which I like, but it seemed less somehow. Dan karakter heroin di cerita ini kurang lebih sama dengan cerita-cerita sebelumnya, independent alias wanita tangguh dan beyone, wanita yang tidak mengandalkan pria dan akhirnya kepepet harus mengandalkan sang hero.

Her eyes narrowed on Gervase. That should have been the end of it.