Good For You has ratings and reviews. Reid Alexander’s celebrity life is an open book. Every relationship, every error in judgment is analyzed. Editorial Reviews. Review. “Amidst the filming, the partying and the constant media attention, Between the Lines – Kindle edition by Tammara Webber. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. From Tammara Webber, author of The New York Times bestsellers Easy and Breakable.

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View all 12 comments. Quotes from Between the Lines From the beginning of the series, he just stood out to me. They are very different from each other, having the opposite lives. Crazy for Young A Whew, tough name for a kid, no wonder she goes by Dori. A friendship but you can tell he wants more, it just tugs your heart.

Jun 27, Samantha Young rated it it was amazing Shelves: Between the Lines Duration: Things happened more than once over and over and that’s honestly rather frustrating and boring. I really didn’t like this one. While trying to get Dori’s attention, he begins to commit himself to her, falling for her patience, her kindness, her forgiveness, her strength, and her ability to see the good in anyone.


Between the Lines (Between the Lines Trilogy, book 1) by Tammara Webber

Not dangerous, just unknown. She just needed them to I guess some books you simply don’t enjoy and no matter thw it seems cute, you just betwee think its that cute after all. But her vacillating from Guy A to Guy B no matter how hot one was and how good the other was had me clenching my teeth.

Very well played, Webber! To me Emma was the main attraction of the book, and it seemed like it was really her story.

Between the Lines Series

It’s not that the first half of the book was bad or even slow. Reid is only 19 but he revels in the celebrity lifestyle, doing what he wants, when he wants it, with whoever he wants. The universe is lining up nicely to grant whatever he wants, as usual, until he’s confronted with unexpected obstacles on location – like a bitter ex-girlfriend and a rival for the first girl to spark his genuine interest in years.


Well, maybe not Reid. He is Matt from FOL. Okay, finally, Reid’s book. Plus, any book staring Reid Alexander is five stars! Aug 22, Abbi Glines rated it it was amazing.

I’m a hopeful romantic who adores novels with happy endings, because there are enough sad endings in real life. It was a slow burn yet so life changing that there was a lot of resistance before Dori and Reid accepted this love. View all 8 comments. View all 3 comments. I would have really really really wanted to get in his head with this book. But that only lasted 5 or 10 pages. I am so not reading lins books. webner

Reid has no holds barred in his pursuit of Emma; he loves the thrill of the chase but he’s also experiencing something new. Llines made her seem more human to me. Do things happen for a reason? Sticking with it until the end didn’t exactly make it any better.