Beta thalassemias are a group of inherited blood disorders. They are forms of thalassemia .. to remove the excess iron. Transmission is autosomal recessive; however, dominant mutations and compound heterozygotes have been reported. Thalassemias are inherited blood disorders characterized by abnormal hemoglobin production. The severity of alpha and beta thalassemia depends on how many of the four genes for alpha globin or two genes for beta globin are missing. Beta thalassemia syndromes are a group of hereditary disorders characterized by a genetic deficiency in the synthesis of beta-globin chains. In the homozygous .

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Patients are often monitored without treatment.

Furthermore, targeted downregulation of BCL11A in patients could elevate HbF levels and thereby ameliorate the severity thalassemke these inherited anemias.

Long-term efficacy and safety of deferasirox.

Bone Marrow Transplantation Ley et al. A study aimed at detecting the genes that could give rise to offspring with sickle cell disease. GeneReviews Advanced Search Help.

Related Genetic Counseling Issues See Management, Evaluation of Relatives at Risk for information on evaluating at-risk relatives for the purpose of early diagnosis and treatment. AzizBedair EM, AbdelGawad M Effects of the anti-receptoractivator of nuclear factor kappa B ligand denusomab on betathalassemia major-induced osteoporosis.

What is Thalassemia?

Shiite Muslims followed closely with 13 mutations, whereas Maronites represented There are several formulas to help in office screening, but they are also based on the assumption that the child is not iron deficient. The major Mediterranean islands except the Balearics such as SicilySardiniaMaltaCorsicaCyprusand Crete are heavily affected in particular. MS analysis of single-nucleotide differences in circulating nucleic acids: Thalassemia can be diagnosed via a complete blood counthemoglobin electrophoresis, and DNA testing.


Amplification of a beta-haemoglobin sequence in individual human oocytes and polar bodies. Hypomethylation of both the gamma-globin and the epsilon-globin gene was shown, as well as an increase in gamma-globin mRNA. Biallelic pathogenic variants in HBB identified on molecular genetic testing see Table 3.

Bone mineral density BMD was low especially at the lumbar spine. Frequently, adolescents and adults are unable to tolerate the degree of anemia that is seen in thalassemia intermedia.

Beta thalassemia – Wikipedia

Transfusion independence and HMGA2 activation after gene therapy of human beta-thalassaemia. The robust discrimination of single-nucleotide differences between circulating DNA species is technically challenging and demanded the adoption of highly sensitive and specific analytical systems. Comparisons with age-matched controls showed that there was a higher frequency of antibodies in thalassemic patients, particularly against P. The procedure involved the selective amplification of a segment of the human beta-globin gene with oligonucleotide primers and a thermostable DNA polymerase, followed by hybridization of the amplified DNA with allele-specific oligonucleotide probes covalently labeled with horseradish peroxidase.

Retrieved 6 September Iron chelation is a medical therapy that avoids the complications of iron overload. It however is not effective in everyone and is probably not suitable in those with significant cardiac issues related to iron overload. By having leucoreduced blood packets, the patient is at a lower risk to develop adverse reactions by contaminated white cells and preventing platelet alloimmunisation. Mosby Elsevier, Rapid Review Series. Variant designation that does not conform to current naming conventions.


These children have little or no Hgb A2 and a low reticulocyte count.


Treatment of extramedullary erythropoietic masses is based on radiotherapy, transfusions, or, in selected cases, hydroxyurea with a protocol similar to that used for sickle cell disease. Ann N Y Acad Sci. A benign form of thalassaemia intermedia may be determined by the interaction of triplicated alpha locus and heterozygous beta-thalassaemia.

Oral chelators in transfusion-dependent thalassemia major patients may prevent or reverse iron overload complications. Beta-thalassemia may also be due to deletion of the entire beta-globin gene cluster or of sequences 5-prime from the beta-globin gene cluster; these sequences are referred thalassemmie as the locus control region beta LCRB; Thalassemia major, intermediate and minor [1].

Untreated, it causes anemia, splenomegaly and severe bone deformities. In a mouse model for beta-thalassemia, Holding and Monk were able to make the diagnosis in single blastomeres removed from embryos of 4 to 8 cells by Hetterozygote amplification. Hsp70 regulates erythropoiesis by preventing caspasemediated cleavage of GATA Hemopoietic stem cell transplantation in thalassemia: Regular gallbladder echography for early detection of cholelithiasis [ Origa et al ], particularly in individuals with the Gilbert syndrome genotype i.

The different surgical techniques are the open and laparoscopic method. Beta thalassemia is a hereditary disease affecting hemoglobin.