Golf Swing Construction The Bertholy Method Revisited [Doug Ferreri] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Bertholy method [Paul Bertholy] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Golf Swing Construction The Bertholy Method Revisited. http://www. Thanks to BC_Mist, I ordered this book a month ago.

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Movements are initiated and guided by rhythmic breathing. It’s what Ben Hogan and Moe Norman used to facilitate their post-impact down-the-line move.

The book is sold form that site only. Speed also strengthens the heart and circulation. Fri Nov 16, 3: You are not Logged in.

Warning to the lazy ones, this is not a walk in the park. These characteristics will help any golf swing.

Total Golf Fitness – The Bertholy Method

Basically the Method encompassed a lot of static drills to develop the ONE he used as key thoughts for the downswing. Regards, amac I sent an e-mail to Doug. I live in Michigan, I am now in my early forties, I still play 4 times per week, but don”t use the Method any more. Wish I was young enough to still use the Bertholy method, I was much longer especially with long irons using Bertholy. My handicap crashed a bit at the beginning of the year. You can ask them question like I did.


I am not kidding.

Advanced Ball Striking • View topic – Paul Bertholy

My ball flite and trajectory was completely different. The entire pipe is filled with sand and I put a golf grip on the end. How exactly does it improve your tempo, is it because when you swing a normal club it will seem so light that you swing real easy but actually quite fast?

As a result Vijay strengthened his body, transformed his game, and rejuvenated his professional career. I am really interested in buying this book and trying this method. Moe Norman, who visited Paul twice a year, worked himself up to lifts a day.

Mehod said many times he would not be fully appreciated until after his death.

School of Golf – Martin’s Library: The Bertholy Method

From a down the line perspective, the best example I could find was Ben Hogan. Bertholy method revisited By Golfpeasant in forum Instruction.

You’re ahead betrholy where you were, and behind where you’re going. The grip is still in the fingers, lead arm still straight, trail arm still folded, weight shifts aft and fore still take place. This is done at home not on the driving range.

Paul Bertholy created his system of allowing an adult or child to build or refine a swing throughout the s ands through a series of drills to train the body. Before starting these drills, I was a 9. National Select Teacher, and conducted the first P.

  HCPL 0500 PDF

School of Golf – Martin’s Library: The Bertholy Method | Golf Channel

I use a steel rod that I bought at the local hardware store. Let me know how it goes. He had the 1-rated golf school in America fromtrained thousands of champions from juniors to bertholh pros. Mon Dec 29, 7: It felt like somebody was controlling my swing. You can find “breathless” whole method in Golf Magazine, March If this sounds berhholy remember Paul was teaching this way in the mid s. Any other info on your current progress with this system would be much appreciated.

Is this easy to build, I have no experience of putting my own grips on clubs let alone a copper pipe, does the book give good instructions on building the weighted club.

Originally Posted by golfmania. The golfer first learns the bertholh of the swing before learning to use them with motion. Mike sees a difference right away, but it is not a conscious thing.

Do you think it’s entirely the result of good sequence prior or do these muscles truly “fire” much better mwthod swings like Hogan and Spieth?