Benziger Thinking Styles Assessment. personality quiz,enneagram,managing personal change,personal development Dr Katherine Benziger takes a completely. Dr Katherine Benziger takes a completely different approach to thinking styles assessment, which in complete contrast to the theoretical and philosophical basis . Benziger’s Thinking Styles Assessment identifies four brain types, each of which comes along with specific strengths and preferences.

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For ease of comparison between Benziger’s and Jung’s models the same colours are used for corresponding ‘functions’ or ‘styles’, although these colours were not part assesssment either theorist’s concepts.

Of course, you can probably already see where the discussion is headed with regard to this type of employee. Relating directly to this is the work Arlene Taylor PhD, a leading specialist in ‘wellness’ sinceand collaborator with Benziger for much of that time.

Katherine Benziger is keen to distance herself from the ‘personality testing’ industry, for which ‘falsification of type’, and the interests of the individual – rather than the organisation – are not generally seen sfyles a priority concerns.

Additional motivation resources on this site: She has been studying Falsification of Type and its costs for more than a decade in collaboration with Dr. This is likely not a person you want to place in a highly structured role, both because they would not be effective and because they would not feel satisfied.

A person who is placed in the right job for their strengths — or, at least, is given the right tools to perform the job in a manner that they see fit — is going to be a more productive employee.

So it is important to remember that these approaches and tools are aids to understanding overall personality, preferences, strengths and processing styles – and this is always a subtle and complex mixture in each individual person.

Uses signage and labels to analyze and store data Physical and mental data storage. Internal language is feelings. What is, leads to, or produces results. When they do in practice they will be using more areas of their brain, and when they do this the competencies outside their natural lead are always somewhat draining, which links to Benziger’s ideas about the dangers of falsification of type.

A visionary leader if extraverteda visionary thinker if introverted As Seen By Others: Interpersonally good, attentive to relationships and people. Within Benziger’s model the specialized areas are called ‘modes’. For this reason, extraverts are commonly found increasing the volume of stimulation in their environment.


Myers Briggs Personality Types Why understanding type differences is so important in change management “Whatever the circumstances of your life, the understanding of type can make your perceptions clearer, your judgements sounder and your life close to your heart’s desire.

Understanding the key factors, doing a critical analysis, knowing the bottom line, breaking it down or taking it apart, using leverage, weighing all the variables, maximizing the Return on Investment ROI Self-Perception: The research library or research lab The quiet dinner for two The stroll in a quiet English garden or on the beach at sunset Behind the lines in a war zone or better yet, not in the thinkingg Here are some additional work situations, some less obvious, in which introverts thrive because they involve a lower than normal level of stimulation: I have also included links to a number of free on-line personality quizes based on these asessment tool.

For full indepth resources including tests see: Calculates and uses diagnostic thinking. Enthusiastic and likes change. The initial observation was that people’s minds when active are involved in receiving information and processing information. The term basal is used to indicate that all quadrants are equally important.

The Benziger Thinking Styles Assessment is a questionnaire intended to help the user to: It is an important application of Integrative Medicine — by helping people to balance their internal brain-body systems.

In his writing, Dr. Knowing your own weaknesses shows you where you need to seek help and advice. Her model recognises that the brain has aasessment specialised areas responsible for different brain functions – and significantly we each have natural strengths in only one of these specific areas, and thus we quite naturally prefer to use the thinking style associated with that strength – this is referred to as the “preferred thinking and behavioural mode”. Basal Left – process and routine Basal Right – intuition and empathy Front Left – logic and results Front Right – vision and creativity Benziger relates these modes of thinking to Jung’s Four Functions, and Benziger’s theory provides many people an immensely helpful way to make atyles of what Jung said rhinking advocated.

You stgles to consider the front and back along with the right and left sides of the brain.

Thinking Styles Katherine Benziger – Thinking Styles Assessment How our brains ACTUALLY function Dr Katherine Benziger takes a completely different approach to thinking styles assessment, which in complete contrast to the theoretical and philosophical basis of most psycho-metric tests, focuses on the thnking and neurological aspects of how our brains actually function.


Today’s Top Picks for Our Readers: Communicates in writing, detailed. Good attention to detail. Logical, good at verbal argument. We think you have liked this presentation. Here we find a person who is more concerned with emotional connections and finding harmony than staying within the lines and following strict processes.

Feeling 3 frontal right Internal imaging Metaphor and imagination Expressiveness Sees the essence of things, in pictures and metaphors.

Benziger Thinking Styles Assessment

This leads others to see us as extraverted. Is your organisation overwhelmed by change? Benziger Thinking Styles Assessment Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence Theory The multiple intelligences theory postulates that we each have a preferred learning style. It suggests that in addition to our natural strengths and behavioural patterns we develop our own individual method of learning. In this context, these asssessment tools are useful from the perspective of understanding: Personalized Development Report Your personalized 8-page Development Report see a sample report will unlock a unique combination that will help you be more styels with your decisions, relationships, projects, and every aspect of your life.

It amalgamates themes and elements of a number of wisdom traditions. The football game with a large noisy audience The pit on Wall Street in wich trading is done by shouting amidst multiple and rapidly changing visual cues.

Uses metaphors and word pictures. There is no shortage of assessment tools to be used by managers hoping to analyze thinking styles among employees and potential employees. This next mode is quite different from the first stop on our list.

Benziger’s Thinking Styles Assessment

Each of us possesses natural strengths in only one of these specialized areas, which causes us to favor and use a certain style ahead of others. Can be seen as cold and manipulating, uncaring, unfeeling. Many people regularly confuse the two to such an extent that many people have taken to calling someone genziger who showed a keen interest in people.

Your learning style is influenced by whether you are right-brained or left- brained.