Free Bencivenga Bullets – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online. How to write product description for your customer. Anyway, he publishes a monthly newsletter on the Internet called “Bencivenga Bullets” and everybody in marketing should be reading them (and printing them. And their best bullet copywriter was a guy by the name of Mel Martin, who you And here are some Bencivenga bullets from his retirement seminar DVD sales.

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Not getting any, he took matters into his own hands. And often I shake my head in awe and wonder: You know, as you walk through life you cannot help but be aware of all the corrupt business men, thieves, sex offenders, crooked politicians, war lords, murderers, greedy religious leaders, lying CEO’s, and just plain jerks.

Now he’s pulling back the curtains to reveal the inner workings of the world’s most successful direct marketers It’s like getting a signed Monet from Monet.

This is exactly want I want to avoid. In the bottom of the 8th inning, Shaya’s team rallied and scored three runs. But a few of us do.

Bullets need variety, and the language needs to be especially vivid. They won’t want to help you.

But ask me to cite the most reliable ways to beat your control ad right now, and I could rattle off a dozen in my deepest REM sleep. I like to bold the first words of each bullet.

success bullets bencivenga | “Maximum Results Copywriting”

The answer has already created some breakthroughs. Then when you need inspiration, flip through the cards and read the bullets. It has also been confirmed by no less an authority than the highly respected Rabbi and author, Paysach Krohn of Brooklyn, who says that he personally knows the participants and that every word of the story is true as originally reported.


It likely had a headline, an offer, a call to action, plus some body copy. Shaya was safe at first. Log in or sign up in seconds. Shaya’s teammates yelled, “Run, Shaya! Gary please, please publish a course. These priceless, powerful levers of higher response have not only beaten strong control packages and ads with remarkable consistency, but are also making fortunes for their advertisers. What you should’ve done is followed my directions Submit a new text post.

I try to make my writing as web-reader friendly as I can as this helpful website states — in how to guest post. It’s not amazingly formatted, but it works if you want them all together. Which leads me to: They give you a 3-page script from one of their videos. Using the Credo Technique is the surest way I know to attract and bond with your kindred becnivenga, your true believers, your most loyal comrades in arms, your best clients and friends, as I hope I have found in you.

They’re the best advice you’ll find today on how to think and write like bulletw marketing genius. Nearly every internet marketing expert you bulllets of today has a lineage back to The System Seminar, and to Ken. Not only that, when they were in direct mail they used to cover the envelopes themselves with these things….

Because of this, I don’t think you’ll make it very far — not with your current attitude, anyways. But as he stood at home plate, it was obvious to all that Shaya didn’t even know how to hold the bat, let alone hit with it. Repeat 28 more times.

Details of a warranty or guarantee. To make any copy bejcivenga readable, breaking up dense chunks of copy into bullets is an excellent idea.

How to write great bullets (#1 copywriting skill)

I eagerly devour each one as it arrives and read it again and again to suck out every last ounce of priceless wisdom. He’s given us more winners, more consistently, than anyone else. But the next level is indeed to split it even further, even more readable and bite-sized — the bullet point. You have as much time as you need. And here are some Bencivenga bullets from his retirement seminar DVD sales letter ….


Easiest is a big trigger, offers solution that takes away guess work, promises simplicity with an image, creates a pleasing picture of a future positive scenario. They an underrated beast for sure. A product can cost thousands, and one bullet can be the deciding factor between making the sale and not.

And one of the things of which I am most proud is How to Use Bullets for Better Results. There are few e-mail messages I’m dying to open, but Bencivenga Bullets tops the list. Throughout the years, Gary created a steady stream of some of the best sales messages ever written. Gary recently sent a Christmas message to all of his subscribers and it touched my heart so much, I am with his permission reproducing it here. It is an expression of your most strongly held core values which serve as a clarion call to gather the like-minded faithful of your marketplace.

This story was originally reported in the New York newspapers. If it is in any way possible, please let me have an advance copy. Last updated on February 16th, And their best bullet copywriter was a guy by the name of Mel Martin, who you may have never heard of because he was on an exclusive deal with Boardroom, and was under strict orders to never reveal to anyone who his employer was. Think about the last time you read some copy and bought the product.

This value would be a courtesy that would come back to you in equal or greater proportions.