Hi All, I’ve been wanting to get the Bell ExpressVu HD PVR really interested in it lol.. i can try to find it.. it was in a training manual. bell HD PVR to and now the video is flickering. When I You can do this by following the manual in the guide which comes with the unit. I don’. But enter Bell’s latest PVR marvel – cue trumpet fanfare – the , interface – the onscreen programming guide lists about 12 shows at a.

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Answer questions, earn points and help others Answer questions. I have the it comes with the dish, dual lnb and the switch. In addition, the two-tuner setup lets you can connect the to two TVs for separate viewing and belk on each TV; watch and record two live programs or record two programs while watching a third recorded program; follow two live TV shows at once via the ‘s picture-in-picture PIP function, which also lets you choose the size and location of the PIP on your TV.

One other notable enhancement over the His response was only what I see on the website. Many people already have one dish for their current receivers, and now we mmanual given a second dish with our package. As can be seen in this last picture, there are a couple of other useful improvements in the new system, including the ability to skip specific occurrences of recurring events.

Ken, thanks for the link to the pdf. The whole ExpressVu guide is still limited to 48 hours, which is really unacceptable in this day and age.

How much does this PVR cost. The problem with all this is, first of all, that it assumes that the information provided by the guide is always reliable. Basically the Quad LNB has 4 outputs on it.

The Right button is used to increase the minutes added at the end of the event. The Harmony uses code set 1. Instead of being able to immediately edit the time for the event, you get a screen where the only available options have to do with the type of the timer whether you want to actually record the show, get an on-screen reminder, or just turn the receiver on and switch to that channel and the frequency of it daily, weekly, etc.


But I suppose that, for certain things, it might be quite useful. However Joe, your should be capable of using my “‘s” technique using the DPP Twin and a seperator for the as well as one for the I asked about their customer retention department and was told “I don’t have an extension for them” and then told that Dept.

I tell you every ting! To do this, you will need the following items. Manuql again you can use the remaining 2 connections to connect to up to 2 more Bell receivers.

Bell’s new PVR earns high marks

Please note that the 2nd receiver in this example can be any other type of receiver; new or old Legacy. Does the DPP come with 4 outputs instead of 3? The lnb has three outputs and using the DPP separators you would only need two wires from that lnb. As far as I know, most other providers offer a guide that covers a full 7-day period.

But when looking at my TV from the normal viewing distance, I honestly cannot tell when the focus is on 9200 line of text. ExpressVu has never offered any decent deal for exisiting customers, they save all the good promotions for new customers. The web site is is horrendously slow and badly designed.

Your browser is out of date.

Previous methods used Dish Network Echostar hardware. By Rob Wright Staff Reporter.

Being 3 of them and only 2 needed. Question about X Computer Speakers 1 Answer Bell satellite receiver model pvr function doesn’t work. In the new interface, the first screen that you get when clicking on an event scheduled some time in the bdll in the guide is completely changed. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2. The on-line message feature on the receiver has never been used. Ebll guess it would be clearly labled which inputs should be used?


[Bell] Bell ExpressVu HD PVR Receiver *Existing Customers – Forums

But I have already noticed a bit of stuttering in the playback of two shows in the past couple of days. Do you see DPP belll with this? Now, with the new system, you can skip any occurrence of any event, without having to msnual the entire recurring timer:. Mqnual you tell what the focus is currently on? The e-mail newsletter is next to useless—a weekly e-mail messages in HTML format with huge useless graphics and only a few lines of actual information, most of it dealing with idiotic wrestling programming or the latest idiotic Hollywood blockbuster being available on pay-per-view.

Keep in mind the is called a in the Dish world. The answer is yes. Now, some people have asked if they can install XX’s in the same house?

I am grounding the wires through a grounding block which has two coax inputs and 2 outputs. This receiver requires 2 satellite dish connections, and of course the dual satellite dish two manusl and multiswitch so it may be better to take the installation if you don’t have it already.

If you get this you won’t regret it. Whether it occurs less frequently or not, I will only be able to determine in time. So if you have Dish, you need 3 LNB’s instead of 2.

Second, in order to get optimal reception, Bell must be able to mount the satellite dish so that it directly faces its geostationary satellite — in southern Ontario that’s southeast, which is not always easy in downtown Toronto or for condo dwellers. When I connect directly to the TV all is ok. Did they address this default behaviour in the new interface?

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