Belastinggids Geldgids 1 onafhankelijk en advertentievrij (Belastinggids aangifte inkomstenbelasting ): Books – De belasting van de niet-inwoners natuurlijke personen (BNI/np)1 is in principe van Voor het aanslagjaar gold de BNI/np voor 1 Mrt. geboortes in tot 41 in HIV/VIGS . Die korting (die vermindering in die belasting wat jy moet betaal) vir individuele.

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Unemployment insurance benefits Road Bekastinggids Fund payouts as from 1 March …individuals will again benefit from personal income tax relief that eliminates the effect of inflation on income tax liabilities. Value of property R Rate 0 – Transfer Duty Rates Where the person acquiring the immovable property is a natural person: Effective 1 Marchan estate agent who receives remuneration for facilitating the transfer of fixed property from a seller to a buyer is obliged to submit the details of the transaction to SARS within six months of the date of acquisition of the property by the buyer.

After the transfer of the residence, all the entities must be wound up or terminated within 6 months of the disposal. Transfer between spouses on divorce, and transfers to heirs of a deceased estate, are exempt from transfer duty. Interest and Dividend Exemption The current annual interest exemption will increase to R23 for taxpayers under the age of 65 and to R34 for taxpayers aged 65 years and older.


Interest and Dividend Exemption – RSA Makelaars

For natural persons no transfer duty is payable where the value of the property does not exceed R belaztinggids No transfer duty is payable in respect of the acquisition by a qualifying natural person of a residence, mainly used for domestic belzstinggids including holiday homesfrom a qualifying corporate entity or trust between 11 February and 31 December Refunds of excess transfer duty, additional duty, penalty or interest paid to SARS are refundable provided it is claimed within 5 years from the date of acquisition of property of renunciation of any interest in property.

Unemployment insurance benefits Road Accident Fund payouts as from 1 March Where the sale of fixed property attracts VAT, belasinggids transfer duty is payable. This interest exemption encourages a culture of savings and assists retired South Africans who invest in fixed- interest investments.

Most Dividends received by individuals from foreign entities are taxable. As from 1 March the foreign interest and dividend exemption fell away.


Transfer Duty Rates – RSA Makelaars

From 1 October to 31 December this exemption is extended to include multi-tiered structures. The current annual interest exemption will increase to R23 for taxpayers under the age of 65 and to R34 for taxpayers aged 65 years and older.

Interest is exempt where earned by non-residents who are physically absent from 20122 for days or more per annum and who are not carrying on business in SA. Where the transfer of fixed property is not subject to VAT at either the standard or zero ratetransfer duty is payable.