Béla Hamvas has 50 books on Goodreads with ratings. Béla Hamvas’s most popular book is The Philosophy Of Wine. Béla Hamvas was born in 23 March in Eperjes (Prešov). His father, József Hamvas was an evangelical pastor, teacher of German and Hungarian, journali. The Philosophy Of Wine has ratings and 17 reviews. John said: An absolutely charming little book by Hamvas, who was a student of René Guénon and Juli.

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Béla Hamvas

In truth, all things are different manifestations of the same One. The third era begins with the transformation of water into wine, and bamvas we live in this era.

The poor wife stood at the brink of melancholy, the poor Raja, at that of madness. If, in a tavern, you see a man tormented by a quarrelsome and mean woman, he is drinking sand wine.

The Philosophy Of Wine

I started to compare the emerald, ruby, topaz, amethyst, charneol, and diamond to their respective corresponding wines. Water is matter, wine is soul, blood is spirit. Often, very often, I tried it, and it always worked. With this I have uttered the basic idea of the philosophy of wine.

In one of ebla villages, people were saying that the notary had drunk an old Pannonhalmi with letcho and sausage. While speaking, I give; while eating, I take, while kissing, I both give and take.


One should drink it simply unmixed, in a small group consisting of six or eight people, both men and women. Click here to sign up. The matter was such that the postponement of its announcement in public was no longer possible. The extent of my thirst is three and a half to four decili- tres. On the contrary, I exhort you: After all, I do not really understand, apart from the already mentioned case — the case of violently seized world power — where the often emphasized superiority of the atheists is.

These are all little geniuses who tingle in the scent of the hamvad. But before I start to discuss the natural history of wine, I wish to say hamas to those for whom I have written this book.

Books by Béla Hamvas (Author of The Philosophy Of Wine)

With pasta and noodles the order is reversed. And women, and how to properly appreciate them. The time in our human existence may not be too far away that silence will be phased out around us entirely. To them sin means that someone lies, steals, cheats, robs, kills, and fornicates. This page was last edited on 6 Augustat If you hide yourself, you will become like the thigh of that woman who did not take off her night-dress even on her wedding night.

We must be sober. Plants are the most wonderful creations in the world. The zealously praying, devout pietist or the daily communicant could be, to the same extent, an atheist. Wherever I was, at home or abroad, always the same hqmvas happened at lunch.


You are the atheist grape. Only what is under the sun can be beautiful. He knows that he is an unfortunate fool, yet he perseveres. It plays the same role in the science of wine making as does harmony in music. Now that this has been exposed, in all probability, the situation will very quickly change. Esta es una de las contadas ocasiones en las que me he arrepentido de gastar mi dinero en un libro. At this moment thirst reaches its zenith. Yet I can only come to know who this man is if I have spoken to him with words coming from my mouth; I only learned to know a woman if I have kissed her; I have only yamvas something my own if I have eaten it.

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It hears but it does not stir. When the atheists saw themselves being envied, they became presumptuous. Where does he take the courage to feel pity for him, to call him stupid, idiotic, crippled, even imbecile? The cause of trouble is deeper-rooted. We know that peace of mind can be achieved only through decades of practice and unimaginable effort. On that day, I contracted a second passionate marriage — with the wine.