Being Committed: A Novel [Anna Maxted] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A hopeless unromantic gets a crash course in love in the fourth . Being Committed: A Novel [Anna Maxted] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Editions. Being Committed. Paperback Being Committed . Anna Maxted · Paperback · Ebook. View more editions. Buy from Buy from.

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The story that actually is there, however, is a good story and was the redeeming part of this book. May 10, Laura rated it did not like it Shelves: I had a hard time with bby rating. Hannah is a woman with a healthy fear of intimacy. The entire book is basically just “what Hannah thinks about things” and it’s hard to stay focussed or interested.

Being Committed

I really enjoyed this book and believe it is relatable to anyone with a committed heart. At that time, she was married to Jack and cheated on him. Then, ona romantic weekend retreat to a faux-ancient castle,Jason proposes marriage, leaving Beng with nochoice but the obvious: I fear I won’t be reading any more books from her though.

Apart from his constant stomach problems, he was actually okay.

Detailed Review Summary of Being Committed by Anna Maxted

Her problem with commitment stems from an incident in her childhood as well as her failed marriage at the age of twenty. An Equal Music Vikram Seth. Maxted doesn’t need an early summer release date to get books moving—expect this to hit bestseller lists as committsd as beach towels. I just could not continue fooling myself that this book would live up to that standard.


While it certainly is not great literature and doesn’t even have much of a plot, it’s funny and pleasurable to read.

Jason agrees to give Hannah another chance if she promises to resolve her intimacy issues, visit a therapist and make amends with Jack, her ex-husband, who’s now a successful theater agent. Girl gets jealous maxtee wants New J back, but has a fling with Old J in the meantime. A hopeless unromantic gets a crash course in love in the fourth hilarious novel from bestselling author Anna Maxted After her disaster of a marriage ends when she is justtwenty, Hannah is convinced you have to be out of yourmind or desperate to tie the knot.

The book is also written by a British author, who heavily uses British slang and colloquialisms that often went over my head as an American so I missed many of the jokes of t This book and I had a love hate relationship. She thinks distance is normal. This is a really good read about being committed to both yourself and others in your life. Preview — Being Committed by Anna Maxted. When she is forced to take a mental health break of committed from her job she uses those tools to dissect her own life.

All this reading makes me never want to go back. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Apr 27, Cathy rated it did not like it Shelves: I forgot who she ends up with in the end, but like, who cares. While I enjoy her writing and the acerbic humor, the drama of these women to overcome such incredible baggage can be I enjoy Anna Maxted but the more I read by her the more I notice a sameness to her protagonists.


May 07, Miss Michael rated it really liked it. I feel kind of ambivalent about this book. Overall, matxed book was average and could have been commtted if it was more realistic.

But that just doesn’t happen in real life, at least not overnight. I thought this was a nice change of pace from Behaving Like Adults since the chapters were short and sweet. Jason agrees to give her another chance — butonly if she meets his terms, among them a promise todust off the many skeletons in her closet. Jan 20, Karen rated it it was ok.

Being Committed Book Summary and Study Guide

There had to be some symbolism as to her occupation she is a detective and paid to uncover dirty and truth about strangers.

Clmmitted is not to say I did not enjoy it. She has to face the past and family secrets head on and once she had really and truly accepted them she can be a productive and stable force in her own life. This book causes you to think inside yourself about your relationships and commitment. I liked her from the beginning. Jun 28, Joanie rated it it was amazing Shelves: