The Beak of the Finch tells the story of two Princeton University scientists— evolutionary biologists—engaged in an extraordinary investigation. They are. The Beak of the Finch: A Story of Evolution in Our Time. Jonathan Weiner, Author Alfred A. Knopf $30 (p) ISBN The Beak of the Finch: Evolution in Real Time by Jonathan Weiner, Jonathan Cape, pp , £ An astonishingly large proportion of the.

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Weiner shows us sticklebacks in British Columbia, fruit flies in labs all over the world, guppies in Venezuela, moth DNA in Ontario, and numerous other animals in numerous other places where scientists are observing evolution occur in front of their faces — a process much faster and more powerful than Darwin could have dreamed.

The examples that were given, were convincing but in my humble opinionI have seen more convincing examples in many other book like The Song of the Dodo: However, the personal anecdotes that the author shares as he tries to put us in their shoes such as weineg their office space or what they were eating for lunch didn’t really add anything for finvh As the book explains, “the island is small enough for the Grants to know all the birds, but large enough for them to get good numbers.

I wonder- are fknch above things considered evolution? Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

Aug 02, Bill rated it it was amazing Shelves: Interspersed are passages from Darwin’s works and also summaries of his thoughts. The Beak of the Finch is at once absorbing science history, deftly crafted popular science treatise and engagingly personal narrative.

Sometimes separation and isolation are a good thing. There was quite a lot of detail about studies into the Galapagos finches, which was great! Scientific books with journalistic and literary tones annoy and distract me a lot and if it were not for that, this book would have easily earned a perfect 5 star.

The Beak of the Finch – Wikipedia

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. So much to think about in this book- timely! How did consciousness evolve? There are efforts made to spice up the narrative–the scientists heroically tell droll jokes in the face of unimaginable boredom, the finches are induced to enjoy inter-species necrophiliatic intercourse with decapitated bird cadavers—but no indulgence in humor or kinky sexcapades can make the finches very interesting.


He takes a science subject and makes it understandable and then at the end of science-sections he inserts beautiful almost poetic prose that makes you deiner.

Great story, told well.

And is observable from season to season dependent on the whims of the surrounding environment. Like I and others have said — the book reads like a thriller. We bring strangers together to make strange bedfellows, and we remake the beds they lie in, all at once.

The birds are all brownish or black. I’d encourage you to read the book if you are perplexed by these issues because without spoiling anything, there are a lot of factors in natural selection dynamics that you probably aren’t considering. It seems so much the easier to read bsak non-fiction books in a flok.

Spinster by Kate Bolick. If you are a naturalist and you asked me to recommend just one book, it would probably be this aeiner because it dramatically illustrates just how dynamic nature truly is.

I’ve always been frustrated by some of the gaps in evolutionary theory – or at least as my nonscientific and unlettered mind perceives them. From finxh Trade Rinch edition. See 2 questions about The Beak of the Finch…. All those clever birds adapted to fill niches that might normally be filled by other birds. He leaves us with not only a greater understanding of the forces of nature but also a greater sense of wonder at creation.

The Grants went to beka if they could observe evolution in action as they felt that even Darwin In Rosemary and Peter Grant went to the Galapagos Islands to take a look at Darwin’s finches.

Sexual preference, adaptive behaviors, and cross-breeding affect this in several ways and, if the pressures are extreme, the changes can come fast.

Oftentimes, scientific people don’t understand just how dumb non-scientific people are, but Jonathan Weiner does. Rosemary and Peter Grant are two evolutionary biologists who did what no one had attempted to do before: Sometimes misfits save the day!


The story is fascinating: He describes cactus finches that mutilate and sterilize the very plants on which they rely for their existence, imperiling themselves and their species so they can get at the cactus nectar a few hours earlier than the others. But the consequence of not engaging, of not participating is extinction of your genes, which are totally unique to you, because of the process, and perhaps just what the doctor ordered — to keep us strong and healthy, to keep us going.

The Beak of the Finch

It’s really not average, though, because climate, rainfall, etc. You could have read something else, but the reviews were so good you convince yourself that the book just HAS to get better soon. To ask other readers questions about The Beak of the Finchplease sign up.

One of fimch best books about evolution and science ever written. But enough about me.

It can be successfully tested, and it has been. In general, he’s probably more or less on the mark, bbeak perhaps he strays too much from his main topic and expands too quickly points which may seem obvious to some but are more questionable to others.

Why would constantly worrying about something you said to someone you barely know be selected for? The information throughout on the history of biology is also interesting. That would have made them seem more normal and less saintl Lots of people I know ths about this book, but my feeling was…. I found just about every chapter interesting, but my attention would wane by the end of each chapter.