Christopher Rowley’s novels about the dragon Bazil Broketail Bazil Broketail ( Bazil Broketail, #1), A Sword for a Dragon (Bazil Broketail, #2), Dragons o. Bazil Broketail [Christopher Rowley] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Aided by a hideous new terror of unbelievable cruelty known only as. This is the rebranded title of the book Bazil Broketail by the same author. It was a favorite of mine when I was younger, and I looked forward to seeing it in digital.

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These dragons are unique individuals with quirks and personality. There is a helpless princess in need of saving, and though this is what motivates the characters into action, it is only of secondary importance to the reader, who will find themselves much more interested in the fates of the brketail.

That, however, was Science Fiction, not Fantasy.

Their objective is the complete destruction of the nine cities of the Argonath. Tummuz Orgmeen falls to the forces of the Argonath and Bazil cuts down the Doom, broketil he loses his sword in the process. A careful kid, ready to play by the rules most of the time, but equally ready to abandon them when it became necessary.

Bazil Broketail (Bazil Broketail, book 1) by Christopher Rowley

I became very bored brokdtail the narrative went over the parts about the different warring factions plotting against each other. He is cursed by a dreadful Wizard and seeks help for the toad broketal that covers his upper body in the city of Monjon, which floats due to the power of the great Thymnal, an object retrieved from the higher planes by a long dead king.

They make their stand on Sprian’s Ridge and with the assistance of their friends the 66th Marneri Dragons and some local militia they hold the line long enough for the Argonathi army to catch up.

I would not recomend it for young readers. A great adventure story of the few brave soldiers facing great odds and winning against the overwelming enemy.

Relkin had recently gotten one from his friend and tried joined the army. None of the dragons, brokeyail or wyvern, are able to breathe fire, although there is mention that the ancestors of the dragons were able to.


Or will Relkin be caught and executed. Bazil is a leatherback bxzil serving in the Marneri legions of the Argonath empire on the world of Ryetelth.

There are true dragons in this series – winged dragons who live wild in the far icy north. The dragons form the equivalent of tanks, a heavy stiffening force for eliminating brokeetail enemy’s own shock troops. Bazil Broketail sold well, and has stayed in print for 11 years. The humans breed the Basics into “dragons” while the Basics breed humans into a variety of troopers and mounts.

This brokketail those books unbelievable and unrelatable.

A Sword for A Dragon Bazil is brokwtail a new sword, an elf made blade imbued with an ancient, fierce spirit, Ecator, who was first encountered inhabiting an old black cat in the city of Tummuz Orgmeen. Tummuz Orgmeen falls to the invading Argonath forces and Besita is rescued. Danielle Hayes rated it really liked it Feb 19, The original Wyverns who agreed to fight for the Legions were predators of the coastal areas.

He curr Christopher Rowley is a prolific writer of both science fiction and fantasy novels. Waakzaam unleashes two plagues on the Argonath, a pestilence spread by rats and then a fever of even more deadly nature. Bazil and Relkin are hurled far out broketaio the Inland Sea by the blast and though they survive by a miracle, when they reach land they are completely alone. It exceeded them, over brpketail over.

Bazil Broketail (Bazil Broketail, #1) by Christopher Rowley

Jun 02, Michael Hall rated it it was amazing. A Sword for a Dragon. With the exception of humans, they are all formed by magic, usually forcible impregnation of captive females. In the end Relkin and Bazil come together to bring down the Great Game and end the rule of the Elf Lords and their evil ways. Relkin and Bazil, down on their luck when they come to the white city of Marneri, are obliged to join the Legions of the Argonath and find themselves fighting against the Masters of Padmasa, whose agent Thrembode the New has kidnapped the young Queen, Besita.


Bazil Broketail Series

Looking at the Fantasy field in the late eighties I had a feeling that there might be room for something a little different from what seemed a glut of Copies of the Rings and Tales of Warrior Princesses in boketail lands. The Dragons of the Argonath Series. Overall this was a fantastic book and I would recommend it, if it wasn’t quite so preoccupied with romance and such. When brokeail need, they may be fortified by the “black drink”, a potion that brings immunity to fear.

Dragon Ultimate Waakzaam the Great has not finished with Ryetelth. They are often the agents of the Masters, going to other nations to personally ensure the success of the Broketil plans. Rowley has the ability to give just the right amount of detail so that the reader can understand exactly what is happening at any moment, even in a chaotic battle. Right from the start I had a good feel for Relkin. Bazol and try again.

The fact that this is not a more well-known novel continues to irk me. I don’t feel that brokeatil shifting pov were executed well. A sub-breed, Freemartins, are female dragons who were born sterile, and can presumably be of any breed, although the only identified Freemartins Nesessitas and Alsebra are both Greens. Monjon, however is also under a curse from the same Wizard and when Evander foils the Wizard’s plot to take the Princess Serena as his wife, the Wizard hurls a terrible at them.

I only ever really enjoyed this book brkketail its portions about Bazil and his dragonboy, and his fellow Dragons in his squadron. Ultimately it is the dragons of the th, with Relkin and the Greatwitch Lessis who pursue the Master Heruta through his lair, just as the volcano on which it rests explodes.

It was brought down by the machinations of the demon lord Mach Ingbok, servant of wizards known as the Masters of Padmasa.