A relatively small book, both in page count and literal size, Camo Specs (subtitle: units during the late Succession Wars era, for painting BattleTech miniatures. BattleTech CamoSpecs Online, No Central Location. likes ยท 98 talking about this. Camo Specs Online is the official source for the camo specs of the. BATTLLETECI-. CAMO. SPECS. A GUIDE TO REGIMENTAL PAINT SCHEMES BATTLETECH and MECHWARRIOR are trademarks of FASA. Corporation.

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The ratio is sitting around 1: Looking forward to seeing the finish product and new updates. We have an interrogation to attend to. The teething problems will eventually be overcome I’m sure.

Game:Battletech Camo Specs A Guide to Regimental Paint Schemes

Early Succession War [ – ]. The search function off the main page still seems a little wonky sometimes, but it’s working better recently. We can only hope for the best. Growing old is inevitable, Growing up is optional.

Apply it the same way we have been! The functionality is back up to a point where I can find stuff about as easily as I could before. I did like way the News said what date it was posted, knowing people are posting new things.


Camospecs Website

Painting a Not-Named Mech. But hey, better late than never right?

Shoot the damn thing. First step is to mix black with the color you chose.

Camo Specs – BattleTechWiki

The final and overall picture shows how the cockpit works. I do like the MUL integration on the individual product page. This is specz skill that takes a little time to develop, but once you do, you can simply eye-ball the color and move on.

Sharpnel Lieutenant Colonel Posts: Another suggestion, is it possible to have a switch between infinite scroll and pages? Thanks for taking a look and get to painting slackers! What I’m taking away from this conversation is that you guys use the site to: Figure out how to assemble a mini 3.

My aim here is to break down one of those walls and take some baytletech the fear out of trying something new. The new site sucks. I did read the occasional ‘How to’ article about doing something with a mini in set up or paint.


The close-ups show you lots of errors or unattractive things, but it’s the overall picture that counts. This technique is also much much better for larger cockpits where you can create a nice illusion of light.

The search isn’t quite as robust as the previous version although I do like how the results are presented. Battletdch prefer this scheme more on the blue side so I’ve chosen to use orange for my cockpit color.

Clan Invasion [ – ].

I hope their recovery efforts can improve things eventually. Hang in there and I can’t wait to see the final design. The Factions page lets you get to the same data in a much better battletecj at least to my mind. Just a single dab or pinprick. Most people either love it or hate it. I’d say odds are good the Units page will either be massively overhauled or disappear.