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The Cuban MiG-23 in air-ground action (in Angola)

There was no actual battle at Cuito Cuanvaale itself. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Chester Crockerwho was the U. For 13 years untilthree armed groups fought for Angola ‘s independence from Portugal: Archived from the original on 14 July Shaking Hands with Billy: By Augustthe strategy had worked, leaving some South African soldiers completely surrounded for several months.

The objective was to inflict a dd blow to the FAPLA, so that they would not consider another offensive in the following year.

The Cuban MiG in air-ground action (in Angola) • Rubén Urribarres

There was never an attempt made to capture the town of Cuito Cuanavale, and the SADF had orders to avoid the town unless it fell into their hands without a fight. Part of a series on the. The military campaign represented a stunning humiliation for the Soviet Union, its arms and its strategy. South African Journal of Military Studies. On the other side, the Cubans were shocked at the heavy casualties suffered and placed their forces on maximum alert awaiting a revenge attack from the South Africans, which never came.

Just Done Productions Publishing published 1 December The Cuito airstrip was kept in repair, but since it was under constant observation by the SADF artillery and air force it could not be safely used by fixed wing aircraft. Indecisu; dambos bandos clamen victoria; retirada sudafricana [2] [3]. On a visit to Cuba, Nelson Mandela told the Cuban people that the FAPLA-Cuban “success” at Cuito and in Lubango was “a batlala point for the liberation of our continent and my people” as well as the Angolan civil war and the struggle for Namibian independence.


Retrieved December 21, Lessons from South Cuanagale.

Major-General Ryabchenko would command the Angolan forces in the battle. The next attack was only on 14 February, against the positions of 21st brigade that UNITA had lost, and the neighbouring positions of the 59th brigade. Gleijeses, Piero 11 July Instead of attacking inside Namibia, however, the Cuban forces moved east along the border to cut off the South Africans still camped near Cuito Cuanavale. Disengagement from Southwest Africa: They did not reach Cuito Cuanavale in time to take part in the bataloa engagement.

Ends of British Imperialism: Gleijeses, Piero May The SADF had 4 killed and 11 wounded, plus some vehicles damaged. Shaking Hands with Billy.

Battle of Cuito Cuanavale – Wikipedia

They were counter-attacked by Cuban tanks. The Battle of Cuito Cuanavale is commemorated in cuoto countries in southern Africa. Eventually Cuban troop strength in Angola increased to about 55, with 40, deployed in the south. South Africa’s ‘Border War’: Fighting between the three rebel factions started soon after the transitional government took office on 31 Januarywith each movement gaining control of their traditional areas of influence by mid High Noon in Southern Africa: Making Peace in a Rough Neighborhood.

Over two days the FAPLA unit was driven out of their positions, and lost 7 tanks with 5 more captured, various other vehicles destroyed and captured, and men dead or captured. Also known as the Battle of the Lomba River, this battle took place duanavale the town of Cuito Cuanavale in southern Angola. The Prospects for Peace in Angola and Namibia.


Retrieved from ” https: The new arrivals had to be acclimatised first. Tafelberg NB Publishers published 15 May A Military History of South Africa: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Bole-Richard, Michel 23 January The Scramble for Empire, Suez, and Decolonization. In the following days the Cubans stepped up their air attacks against South African positions. The SADF objective was defined as being to destroy the enemy east of the river or at least to drive them back across the river, inflicting maximum casualties but suffering minimum losses of their own. Les Guerres Secretes de Fidel Btaalla. University of California Press.

Batalla de Cuito Cuanavale

The SADF lost 17 killed and 41 wounded, plus 5 armoured vehicles. The Cubans did however succeed in establishing air superiority over the area with their new Russian aircraft, and the defenders did manage to hold onto a bridgehead east of the town, with the aid of extensive minefields.

In August FAPLA’s 16th, cuanvaale both light infantry47th armoured and 59th mechanized brigades, about 6, men and 80 tanks plus artillery and support vehicles, departed from Cuito Cuanavale to cross the Lomba River.

Cuba in the Angolan Civil War illustrated ed. The Opening of the Apartheid Mind. To the South African Defence Force it took the form of four phases, which ran consecutively as a single overall battle.