BÉLA BARTÓK – Cantata profana () – Der holzgeschnitzte Prinz – The Wooden Prince – Le Prince de bois – op. 13 – John Aler, Tenor – John Tomlinson, . Ever since its composition an aura of mystery has surrounded Bela. Bartok’s Cantata Profana. It has been treated and approached by many as a secretive work. Béla Bartók. Cantata profana, for tenor, baritone, double chorus & orchestra (or piano) (“The Enchanted Stags”), Sz. 94, BB Composition Information.

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Bartók Béla: Cantata profana (Cantata profana in English)

Source of the quotation http: Oxford University Press, The third movement recapitulates the narrative. The final section of the first movement begins as the riotous hunt music dies down and the mood suddenly becomes quiet and mysterious: A Reading of the Sources”.

Hungarian folksongs for voice and piano. But their father grew impatient waiting, waiting, waiting, and he loaded his old rifle and set out on a search for his splendid offspring.

Rainy Day Relaxation Road Trip. The work was presented in an English translation by M. The first movement, marked Molto moderato, is entitled, “Once there was an old man. Primal drums and horn calls punctuate the music through this section, while the chorus describes the hunters wandering farther and farther into the forest. Here the transformation occurs and the boys are turned into stags.

Tenor Trefor Jones and baritone Frank Phillips were the featured soloists.

Little is known about the evolution of this powerful cantata. A variant of the fugue subject, now Andante, provides the melodic material for the chorus to narrate the father’s trek to the haunted bridge. AllMusic Featured Composition Noteworthy.

Cantata profana, for tenor,… | Details | AllMusic

Carefully kneeling, silent Hey! The first section of the second movement recounts the father’s prodana for his sons. Colinde are ballads which are sung during the Christmas season, although many colinde have no connection to the Christian Nativity and are believed to have their origin in pre-Christian times.


Please enable JavaScript in your browser to use the site fully. This scale firmly establishes the tonal center of D and provides the framework for much of the melodic content of the Cantata.

They pursued the magic till they lost their bearings; and the splendid hunters thus became the hunted: Lists Compositions Solo piano String quartets. But a splendid stag, the largest, oh, the very dearest offspring, gravely spoke to his old parent: Share on facebook twitter tumblr. And their loving father thus addressed his offspring and thus he called them with sweet words begging them to go back: The largest stag eldest son pleads with his father not to shoot.

Cantata profana Cantata profana in English. This page was last edited on 9 Mayat Perhaps he was prfoana by the plight of his fellow Hungarians during the Great Depression of the s or wished to express his opposition to the profxna tide of fascism in Europe during this time.

The final movement, marked Moderato, is subtitled “Once there bartk an old man. Look at their antlers, wider than your doorway, they must travel through the sky; their slender bodies cannot hide in clothing, they must hide among the leaves; they make their tracks not in your hearth’s warm ashes but along the forest floor; they drink their fill not from your silver goblets but from clean mountain springs.

The music becomes more and more agitated until the largest stag calls out.

Cantata Profana concludes with the choirs’ recapitulation of the narrative. The stag then replies that they can never come home: Views Read Edit View history. When their father discovers their fate, he asks them to return home with him, but is told by one son their antlers cannot fit through the doorway and that they must remain in the forest. Boosey and Hawkes, The father, recognizing his favorite son in the stag, begs his children to come home.


Our antlers will gore you, our antlers impale you and throw you and hurl you — from streams to hilltops, from peaks to valleys, from rocks to clearings — We shall smash your body on a dreadful rockface, treat you with no mercy, our beloved father!

Sexy Trippy All Moods. Marked Andante, the second movement is subtitled, “Through forest aroving, hey-yah! Streams Videos All Posts.

The Hungarian text is based on a Romanian colinda a type of Christmas carol about a father who teaches his nine sons the art of hunting. Come with me, come with me, come back to your mother!

Babel Web Anthology :: Bartók Béla: Cantata profana (Cantata profana in English)

Thus he found the graceful footbridge, on the bridge he found the deertracks, magic tracks that led the old man to a clean spring in the forest where the splendid stags were grazing.

But the stag, the largest, dearest of the offspring, gravely gave his father this address in answer: Dent and Sons, University of California Press, If you continue without changing your settings, we’ll assume that you cantaya happy to receive all cookies on this website. He brought up his children for the savage mountains, trained them in hunting skills. The opening gesture is immediately followed by a paraphrase of the first two bars of Bach ‘s St.

InRobert Shaw created a new English translation. The B section of the first movement, marked Allegro moltois a breathless fugue describing the hunt.