Baofeng. UV-3R. User Manual. GENERAL DESCRIPTION. The transceiver is a micro-miniature multiband. FM transceiver with extensive receive frequency. This document provides more detailed instructions concerning manual programming of your BAOFENG UV-3R VHF-UHF handheld ham radio. What is the Baofeng UV-3R Mark II? . How do I manually program .. 1 x BAOFENG UV-3R (VHF / UHF MHz Dual Band).

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Monday Night Net 08 Sept Out of the box, this is an impressive radio. Make sure there is no memory preset number shown in the top left.

Setting up the Baofeng UV-3R for GB3DA Danbury Repeater | Essex Ham

Baodeng have now brought out a new version of this radio — the UV-5R. At least I know that the radio is ok now: Let alone a much shorter battery life. Given the small size and low cost of these HTs, this is certainly worth considering as one of your emergency communications devices.

Currently you have JavaScript disabled. It is not possible to restrict transmission to HAM allocations only, therefore this little radio might be illegal in your Country. This comes with a four-wire lead with push-on connectors, so Baoveng also had to get a cable with a four-pin 3.


If your manua, is struggling to receive a 25 watt signal, then the repeater may struggle with a 2 watt reply.

If the frequency on the display was outside the normal range, e. Likely to be one of three things: Wojtek 18 January Reply.

BAOFENG UV-3R+Plus/Mhz + earpiece shop,walkie-talkie,Handheld Transceiver- Radio

The manual with this radio is surprisingly usable compared to other low-priced Chinese radiosso setting the radio up for repeater access is fairly straightforward. Then finally I wrote all the memories to the radio. Pete 29 December Reply. Any advice would be much appreciated. Your email address will not be published.

Because eBay ignore rules and regulations where it suits them, Ofcom feel that they will have an uphill struggles stopping them from coming into the country. The display should also show the TX frequency of Page 20 MHz.

The radio comes with two aerials — A 2metre band aerial measuring mm and a 70cm band aerial at 76cm. Setting 0 opens the squelch fully, as does pressing and holding the VOL button. Less than mA Standby Current: Page 8 University for full details.

Currently you have JavaScript disabled. I have now been able to set my local 2m repeater,not too sure how I did,to be honest but it involved getting the VHF frequency display,into the top line,there one can set the tones,as easy as baofeny UHF ones.


Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Twist dial to the minus sign.

I was advised to use MegaShop by fellow ham Jim. What warranty is offered?

BAOFENG UV-3R+Plus136-174/400-470Mhz + earpiece

Don’t show me this message again. Probably something daft I am doing Help appreciated. Page 34 Given the small size and low cost of these HTs, this is certainly worth considering as one of your emergency communications devices. How do I baoeng frequency scan limits?

See further down in the FAQ for solutions. I agree you get what you paid for.

Setting up the Baofeng UV-3R for GB3DA Danbury Repeater

Your email address will not be published. It is a trial and error procedure which might not work on all UV-3R models.

I am trying to set up our local repeater baofenv is the same frequency as your local repeater. Page 10 Repeat for all other channels. In some jurisdictions, mere possession without a ham license may be illegal.