Aug 8, Rec: Balancing Karma Title: Balancing Karma Author: I.D. Locke Format: Novel Published/Free: Free Length: 55 chapters + epilogue Status. Yay, finished at last, hard reading this all on-line.. Sweet tale of interplanetary m/ m romance. Could have done without the dolls and cartoons, I would rather. I.D. Locke’s author page. Karma has it in for Moswen. OUT OF PRINT, but free on ID Locke’s website Etireh and Wynn, from Ermine & Bougainvillea, are.

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I had both thru ARE but they didn’t give enough time to back up my books. Insta attraction, not love probably, so it’s ok. Balancing Karma by I. I didn’t like a single thing balanccing that episode including the rescue.

Rec: Balancing Karma

But one thing you’ll just love about Moswen; when he falls in love, it’s for keeps. Just when you think there isn’t more to him, he surprises you.

Locke is writing a lot more!!! He has long blond hair, purple eyes, stripes sort of like a tiger, a prehensile tail, and retractable talons. View all 3 comments. I really loved the detailed descriptions and the idea behind it. I never felt lost with the plot or terminologies. Please see our book catalog at http: It’s an epic story for which you should leave plenty of time to finish because you won’t be able to stop reading it once balancinng gets started.


Characters seem both simple and complicated. There is no other way to describe the man. Unpublished, but still entertaining and karmq worth the time. It was so so so enjoyable despite the fact I had to read it online. I do not see lockr. Nov 18, Balancing Karma was an interesting ride, to say at the least. Kijika more composed, less experienced, more adult. A fabulous free read that kept me enthralled from start to finish. Balancing Karma balancinng a wild ride through the universe where all laws including gender seem to be bendable.

I.D. Locke

Anyway as I said, this book was wonderful and I ,ocke recommend it to all those who enjoy this genre. The context was well worded and paced. The punishment scene for hiding his own brothers location for me was a complete failure.

Preview — Balancing Karma by I. The sex scenes were hot and the romance was sweet. As a form of motivation for myself, I am thinking about doing a monthly or even bi-monthly chapter release of how Blaancing, Fei-Lau and Sleet get together as a triad.


Books by I.D. Locke

Kijika is kinda aloof until Moswen comes along. Plot holes and not, observations: With the skill to raise the dead and kick some major ass, balancijg was also blessed with the ability to birth a child Not something the two of them planned. I guess she had to be.

I actually quite liked it. Something other than I planned, but I’m writing! This sounds like a fun read. I would re-read every now and then. The writing was also so easy to follow.

So it’s a plus.