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One of its principal objectives was the diminutiong If not the liquidationg of the influence of the ‘national reformist bourgeoisie’ amongst the masses.

huidobro cubecraft | Balance Patriotico | Flickr

This influence manifested itself in a repugnance towards electoral and coalition politics andq on Occasion, eave rise to strtipirles between local FOCh and PCCh organisations in which the protagonists on both sides were Communists, Thuss for exai.

Nationalisiti and Communism in Chile iass- ; Thus, the integra- tion of the nitrate industry into the economy initiated a complex process. Not known when he entered the PCCh. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

The Chilean Communist Party was in the process of collecting material for the Museo Recabarren when this author was in Santiago but that collection only yielded a few items which were not avail- able in public and private libraries elsewhere. The few paid jobs on the newspaper were given to men who were, to all intents and pu rposesq full-time party function- aries exclusively dedicated to the work of propaganda and organisation. Inthe socialists managed to capture control of the PD for a brief period but the reglamentarios and doctrinarios combined to break their hold.

By severely limiting the franchise and by instituting indirect elections for the Presidency, Portales and his friends ensured that control remained firmly in the hands of the landed aristocracy.

Trầm cảm ở nam giới

No official statistics exist for the elections but it seems likely that undervotes were cast. According to the available statiaticso there were fewer strikes during the first six months of than there had been during the same period of and it is also worth noting that there were no serious strikes in the industries where the PCCh had most influenceq the coal and nitrate industrieso 65 Nevertheleasp the right-wing parties mounted a campaign denouncing the POCh for stirring balwnce labour unrest during the early months of probably in an attempt to prepare the way for the presentationg in July of a bill to Congress outlawing the PCCh.


Although the groups and organisations generated by anarchism were usually short- lived, its ideological impact stretched far beyond those who formally embraced its ideals.

Other wkiters have su,, gested t1at FWAI Inew- bership roached as as , in the s- arly s. Home Documents Party Comunist. In Congressq the right-wing parties were generally able to assemble a majority in the Chamber of Deputies and they had an absolute majority in the Senate.

Conflict between the executive and legislative arms of government, each intent on expanding or defending its pre- rogatives, characterised Chile’s constitutional history in the nineteenth century – much in the same way, according to one famous Chilean writer, that King and Parliament wrestled for power in seventeenth century England.

I owe a particular debt of gratitude to my supervisor, Dr.

Inthe POS in Puntas Arenas declared its independence from the CEN partly because the reconstituted Santiago Section continued to be dominated by Hidalgo’s supporters while Hidalgo himself incurred the wrath of many Socialists wheng late in that yearl he sug- gested that the FOS should rejoin the PD since their pro- grammes were now very similar.

Widespread unemploymentg governmental hostility and indif- forenceg the desertion of the powerful railway unions In 24 Joree 1-jarrfa Seron -iovimientos 1, o; llamfrez Jecoclifaj, OrD-en p93; Icci5n ‘Directat Santia, -o, Decomber, Secretary General of the PCCh from to The concert party or velada was a propaganda form particularly favoured by the P Since the CEN had approved the pact and had been directly represented on Cruz’s election committeeg it was held to be doubly guilty.


Essentiallys howevers it was not the PCCh’s policies in themselves which produced heated reactions from the PS but rather the methods which the PCCh used to gain the accep- tance of those policies inside the PS. Litt, t1logis, Oxford, o Despite the high expecta- tions andq Initially at leastt the enthusiastic support of’ his Popular Front alliesq no now Chile emerved froto Aguirre Cerda’s brief administration and promises to raisethe stan- dard of living of the working masses were only partially and temporarily redeemed.

In sum, the whole economy became hostage to the fortunes of this single indus- try. Amongst the most Important were the economic dif- ficulties facing the country and the activities of A”, irre Cerda’s right-wing opponents who controlled Congress unt1l Narch and who used all the means at their disposal to frustrate the now regime. Julio Cesar Jobet opcit p. Although the Centro eventually 59 DTi 60 Ibid. The POS had no particular need to draw on the tra- ditions of European or any other brand of socialism to he 50 El 13onete, Iquique, had a circulation of some 2, copies.

Manifestul Partidului Comunist Recenzie Documents. Pack to Lord lialifaxi dated August Inside the Chilean workinf; class movementp the circumstancos of his death ands in particularl the several bullet wounds in his head FAnd body gave rise to the rumour that he had been murdered -a rumour whichq according to Lafertteg the PR urgnd the PCCh to en- courage as a prelude to latmhinp, a goneral Insurrection a-ainst the military Junta do Gobiern – 58 10 The PCCh and the FOCh.

The reasons for the FOChla decline huiddobro several.