Novel Illustrations[edit]. These are novel illustrations that were included in volume Front and Back Cover. Front Cover. Prominence VS. Nega Nebulous. These are novel illustrations that were included in volume Accel World v14 Accel World v14 Accel World v14 Green Grandeur, Purple Thorn, Ivory Tower, Yellow Radio, Blue Knight and Scarlet Rain. Shinomiya Utai. Ardor Maiden. Kuroyukihime.

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While waggling his index finger right and left over the window opened in his virtual desktop, Haruyuki moaned. Even in a non-accelerating state, he could open it and could read and operate his duel avatar status, duel history, his Burst Point acquisition situation, and so forth. Now, a good four choices were displayed in this screen, which had always been blank since he had become a Burst Linker. The reason was that last week, the points he possessed had reached at last, and Silver Crow had become level 2.

On that occasion, there was also the turn of events where he had forgotten to keep a safety margin, where he had accidentally raised his level, and where his remaining points had decreased to a single digit, making him along with his teacher Takumu turn pale, but now that he bakka somehow succeeded in recovering his account balance, that too was vaka good memory. In spite of that, it was strange that his memory of the duels during the recovery process was vague, but at present there was a more difficult problem than that before him.

At any rate, on the bonus screen before his eyes, the exceedingly extravagant menu consisting of four options of two new special techniques, one new ability, and fortification of his existing abilities was glittering brilliantly.

His finger only moved above the three buttons in random order; he did not come to push one of them at all. Basically, it was a worlf one-shot gamble. Deciding to defer his selection this time as well, with a sigh Haruyuki tried to lower his acel with a flop.

As that voice had resounded right behind him and his back had been rapped somewhat forcefully xccel the same time, Haruyuki caused his whole body to tremble with a twitch. From the recoil, his right hand nearly touched the window on his virtual desktop.

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While letting out that scream, with all his might he threw his arm up. Workd tried to return his right hand, which was in a greatly raised pose, to where it was, but tsuoi fingertips were caught on something. Kuroyukihime, who was clad in a cardigan and thick shawl above her pajamas, and his own fingers, which had intruded into the interior of those pajamas at their divider.


While emitting a shouting voice of incomprehensible meaning, Haruyuki pulled his right hand out with all his force. In doing so, the second button, which was stuck, came off, and the fabric was gently exposed to the left and right.

Accel World:Volume SS1 – Baka-Tsuki

Immediately after the accident, even her life had hanged in the balance, but due to MM [1] therapy, a medical technology that had developed rapidly these past few years, and also probably due to her own strength of will, she had returned alive from the abyss of death. Her recovery since leaving the HCU was remarkable; appearance-wise, a cast remained only on her left leg, whose calf had been fractured, and it seemed that she already had prospects for being discharged.

That was of course a very joyous thing, but for Haruyuki, who had continued to visit Kuroyukihime every day on the way back from school, there was also just a little bit of loneliness. In conjunction with that voice, his left cheek was suddenly pulled with a stretch. As he hurriedly turned his face, which was prone to looking down, the beautiful visage of Kuroyukihime, who slightly looked displeased, was at his immediate side. Your goal is getting to level 3……no, 4 today.

Separating her fingers from the cheek of Haruyuki, who was shuddering with the exact opposite meaning of just a moment ago, Kuroyukihime softened her facial expression and turned about in front of him. The contrast of the scarlet of the sun tinging the side of her face and her glossy black hair was too dazzling; after Haruyuki unconsciously blinked, he pointed his gaze forward.

A central line overpass crossed their immediate vicinity left and right, and slightly ahead of that was already Ome Highway.

Perhaps by chance, this bench pointed straight in the direction of Umesato Middle, and if he strained his eyes he could visually recognize the shine of the cluster of solar panels on the school building roof in the distance. Today, it had been sunny all day, but now that it had become late autumn the evening breeze was slightly chilly; Kuroyukihime adjusted the collar of her pajamas on which Haruyuki had committed an insolent deed not long wrld.

Pushing the whiteness of her bare skin that he was inevitably beginning to recall to the back of his mind, Haruyuki spoke. Smiling broadly, Kuroyukihime shifted her body about ten centimeters to the right side. Following that, while sidling her body even closer up to him, she whispered.

How do I put it……it makes me feel relieved. This time, Kuroyukihime smiled and raised a finger on her right hand as if having remembered something.

You seemed awfully deep in thought. Kuroyukihime, who had answered like that while still smiling, wore a slightly dubious fsuki on her face at that point and continued.


In that time, were you fighting without having taken a bonus? While twiddling his two index fingers together, Haruyuki nodded, and a hue that was a mix of surprise and amazement rose to the face at his immediate left.

Apologizing to Takumu, who was not there, with a delicate expression, Kuroyukihime agilely placed her left leg, which was fixed in place by a lightweight thin-type cast, on top of her right leg. Kuroyukihime murmured that, returned her gaze from the sky to Haruyuki, and continued with a serious look on her face. The reason is that the parent has knowledge and experience the child does not; I too think that that might be the correct answer.

Contrary to that enshrouding-like gesture, a resolute light came up in her pupils. Putting aside advice on how to fight, he had noticed that relying on Kuroyukihime for even selecting his level up bonus, which could not be redone, was simply an act of just pushing his responsibility on her.

If he were unable to make his own decision here, then at that time……at the time when Kuroyukihime had sent him the Brain Burst program in the lounge of Umesato Middle, Haruyuki should not have pushed the yes button. Kuroyukihime smiled widely, and with her right hand, which was holding the edge of the shawl, she tightly drew Haruyuki close to her. Information such as a sweet fragrance and a lovely tenderness poured into the five senses of Haruyuki, who had single-handedly become rigid into a Burst Link state, and surpassed the limits of his processing ability; his consciousness receded………….

Her lips, which were so close that they nearly touched his left ear, whispered those words, and Haruyuki somehow yanked his consciousness back into the real world. The reason was that his intuition, which was not particularly sharp, for some reason informed him of danger.

However, wholly as if she were anticipating that reaction from Haruyuki, Kuroyukihime put power into her hand placed on his right shoulder. Before the wired connection warning flashing in his field of vision disappeared, her glossy lips whispered the last word. The checkup was dragging on. What Haruyuki, who had turned around fearfully, saw were—. But, how did you know? That is the way my master did things. Retrieved from ” https: Views Read Edit View history.

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