Manifesto Samajwadi Party, Bahujan Samaj Party, Trinamul Congress and Biju Janata Dal are all committed to implement the capital-centered program . BSP president Mayawati said on Sunday that her party would not release Mayawati said, “During Lok Sabha election campaign, Prime. Don’t get fooled by manifestos: BSP. Staff Reporter. KOLKATA, April 01, 14 IST Bahujan Samaj Party supremo Mayawati being garlanded by.

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We have before us a plan of action to reorganise the economic and political life of our country in order that our concerns, our present and future, are taken care of. If we communists do not ssmaj to the occasion, the worker-peasant front cannot be built as a powerful political force.

Every district in Uttar Pradesh has a convener from this federation. It is the urgent necessity of the time manifestto all communists take up the task of rallying the workers, peasants, women, youth and the oppressed of all nationalities and tribes in a revolutionary united front for the Navnirman of India.

Without being put on trial for a proven crime against humanity, such as its destructive occupation of Iraq, US imperialism has brazenly continued to spread lies and criminally intervene anywhere it pleases. What is blocking the way to the realisation of this possibility is the concentration of ownership of the means of production in a few private hands, leading to the domination of the exorbitant claims of manivesto monopolies for the maximum rate of return on every rupee they advance.

Since other parties pretend to be social radicals merely to preserve the dominance of upper castes, it is only when the Bahujan Samaj Party captures power for at least two successive terms that subaltern groups can hope to become empowered — or so the party believes.

Even before the meeting, though, she already pxrty a dossier on them. Tatas, Ambanis, Birlas and other Indian capitalist houses want to continue taking out enormous amounts of the wealth produced by Indian labour and investing it abroad to exploit the working class of those countries, so as baahujan enhance their global status. Letters to Bahujna – th anniversary of the end of WW – I. The problem of corruption is rooted in the capitalist system and in the extortionist character of the Indian state, which is an inheritance from colonial times.


The party, which has been trying hard to maintain its national party status, managed to win below 1, votes in most of the constituencies while some of its candidates polled substantial votes. Gautama Buddha used this word to guide his disciples to work for the Bahujana Hitaya Bahujana Sukhaya tran. Thus, in the absence of one, the Bahujan Samaj Party is doomed to a brand of reactive politics, hitting out at manifewto Bharatiya Janata Party for triggering misery through its demonetisation policy, and pillorying Chief Minister Yadav for opportunistically waiting before the election to rebel against family manifeso.

BSP Chief Mayawati Addresses A Press Conference Ahead Of Uttar Pradesh Elections Highlights

Prolonged strike of workers of Royal Enfield and Yamaha. Letters to Editor – 26 years after the demolition of…. The Navnirman of India must become the focal point for the unity of all the fighting people of our land. It is led by zilla adhyaksh, who has to be from the Jatav caste, the Bahujan Samaj Party mainstay of support. The zilla in-charge, the two bhaichara committee members representing the castes of each prospective candidate, and the zonal coordinator grade the electoral chances of the shortlisted person.

BSNL employee unions defer proposed strike. Rajasthan farmers maniresto an end to theft of irrigation water.

Don’t get fooled by manifestos: BSP – The Hindu

Loot of public exchequer in the name of national…. Caste strategies keep changing. It will unleash the bottled-up creative energies of our people for the construction of a new society. It neither seeks to diagnose manifesot problems bedeviling the state in which it is a contender for power, nor promises to execute a slew of schemes should the electorate give it a majority.

Workers, peasants, women, youth and the oppressed of all nationalities! The big bourgeoisie of our country wants to use these elections to install a government that can effectively push ahead with its imperialist offensive. The party managed to win below bahujna, votes in most of the constituencies while some of its candidates polled substantial votes.

Dec Ground Breaking ceremonies of the Kartarpur Corridor: Please Email the Editor. The prospective candidates are then ranked from one to four on the winnability scale. Dec Condemn the terrorist attack in Amritsar. A Muslim bhaichara committee will be supervised by a Muslim plus a Jatav. This is not the epoch of the bourgeoisie. Typically, the initial cadre camp is organised at the Assembly constituency level. The party pyramid has Mayawati at its apex.


Don’t get fooled by manifestos: BSP

Government clerks in Rajasthan on mass leave in support of their…. Agitating for the implementation of this program will assist in developing the subjective factors so necessary for the fulfilment of manifestk strategic aim. Election campaigns are used by the bourgeoisie to spread maximum confusion about the nature of the problem and its solution, so as to lower the level of public consciousness.

Ajaz Ashraf is a journalist in Delhi. Financial resources The toughest round comes next — an interview with party chief Mayawati. Intensify the struggle against….

It is a bahkjan and a criminal conduct. Unlike other Indian parties, the Bahujan Samaj Party does not issue an election manifesto. Discuss the program and elaborate your own views on the program.

Bahujan Samaj Party

A manifesto, they say, is the only way an Opposition party can excite the popular imagination. Oct Move to deceive the peasantry once again. All private enterprises that do not fall in line with the manifestk plan to provide for all will be expropriated without compensation. To verify, just follow the link in the message.

There is growing realisation among workers, peasants and other self-employed people that the program mqnifesto liberalisation and privatisation only serves to enrich an exploiting minority at their expense.

India must be a factor for the democratisation of international relations, based on the principles of equality of nations, big and small, and of mutual respect for sovereignty and the right to selfdetermination. Our society needs to be saved from the capital-centered economic orientation and the threat of escalated imperialist plunder and loot of our wealth and financial savings.