Fused Cast AZS block is also called electro Zircon corundum block, which is abbreviated as AZS because it contains Al2O3-ZrO2-SiO2. Alumina-zirconia-silica (AZS) fused-cast refractories began to increase in popularity in glass furnace applications for the glass contact and. fused Cast AZS refractories are the most widely used materials both in glass contact and superstructure of glass melting products are made of.

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During the melting operation, the cullet melts first to increase the heat transfer to the batch materials and to reduce the melting time. The refractory composition may be formed directly on the wear portion without the replacement of refractory blocks in a glass melting furnace.

Unwrought refractory composition, in particular for producing glass furnace hearths.

AZS Bricks

Molten glass is highly corrosive. Other proportions of the first set of components may be used.

The alumina may be refractkry by a high aluminum aggregate such as tabular or white fused alumina. A composition prepared according to Example 1 was applied in a brass furnace.

In one aspect, this invention provides a refractory composition especially useful for furnaces. The fingers were dipped into molten glass at refravtory high temperature.

The results obtained indicate that the composition with low content of ZrO 2 can provide better properties than the commercial product, with some modifications in the particle size distribution. More particularly, this invention relates to colloidal silica refractories for the lining of furnaces, such as glass and brass furnaces.


The refractory composition of claim 1 wherein the refractory composition is formed on at least one wear portion of a brass furnace. Get permanent URL for this record.

It is rrfractory most widely used in the products of glass furnace, the upper part of the structure is mainly applicable to the molten pool, pool wall brick and tile work pool, refradtory etc. The furnace was operated for a period of time and the composition was found to perform well throughout the furnace.

Mainly used in glass furnaces, they can withstand aggressive conditions in contact with molten glass. For Comparative Example B, the alumino-silicate product worked well above the bath line and the alumina-silicon carbide product worked well below the bath line, but neither material held up at the interface.

Zircon Mullite Brick MZ The wear spots typically grow until the refractory fails to hold the molten glass. The mixture cured into aazs colloidal silica refractory. Ceramic powder compositions and optoelectronic device substrates utilizing the same.

For illustration purposes and not as a limitation, Table 1 provides exemplary types and proportions of first set of components for the colloidal silica refractory system.


Fused Cast AZS Refractories ~ LONTTO Refractory

Tell us your needs as specific as possible. Year of fee payment: Call to order AZS Bricks, Zirconia Bricks, Zircon Mullite Bricks, and other refratcory bricks, and our fast, responsive customer service and reliable delivery service will save you time and money! Each aspect so defined may be combined with any other aspect or aspects unless clearly indicated to the contrary. The method of claim 21 wherein the furnace is a glass furnace. Zirconia Corundum Brick ZA Cullet is crushed glass from the manufacturing process.

The alumina may be reactive or calcined. The present invention will now be further described.

Properties and applications of fused cast AZS

Therefore, selected key parts of the glass furnace, so that these parts of the life and the other part of the lower scale. The blocks fit together without mortar and typically are arranged in refracctory rectangular shape to hold molten glass. A refractory composition comprising: The present invention provides a colloidal silica refractory composition that is especially useful for glass melting furnaces.

The first set of components includes alumina and zirconia.