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Every year Christ’s parents went to Jerusalem for the feast of the Passover. This scene is also not well preserved but the oxen and horse in the background can be easily seen. Though the scene is not in good order, it is understandable. When they offered their offerings to God, Cain was stingy and brought some of the fruits of the soil whereas Abel had brought an offering from some of the firstborn of his flock.

When he reached Bethel, he stops because the sun had efssneleri. This case proves that, early wall-painters or artists living in Trabzon were doubtlessly professionals.

According to Vafiyadis; eagle carving on the marble was symbolizing Qyasofya Kingdom, Eagle’s eating the Rabbit was symbolizing Comnenus’ victory against their enemies and the Grapevine was symbolizing Comnenus’ sovereignty in the region. In the scene Christ holds a Bible and wears a dark blue Cloak like the background colours and his right hand is stretched towards the door.

Then the God made a woman Eve from the rib he had taken out of the man.

Ayasofya’da tarihi anlar! 30 gün boyunca…

On the western wall, the Dormition of the Mary is pictured. When the apostles saw him walking on the lake, they were terrified thinking it was a ghost.

Efsanelegi two saints’ right hands show the trinity whilst the other two hold crosses. That night Christ was born, wrapped in clothes and placed in a manger.

The many legends of the Hagia Sophia

In the scene, Christ walking naked in the River Jordan is being baptized by his six months older cousin John. The story is told in Mark’s Gospel. Gregory Thaumaturgus Miracle Worker. Muhammad also reported that he had seen a model of the Hagia Sophia in heaven when he was taken by the Angel Gabriel one night. Until this time man and woman were naked and had felt no shame. After the jars were filled to the brim, he tells them to draw some out and take it to the master of ceremonies and when the master tasted the water that had been turned into wine he says to the bridegroom that the wine is the best.


There was no room for qyasofya in the inn, they had to spend a night in the stable. After the last supper Christ had told the apostles that at that night all of them will deny him. Nowadays both include a very detailed narration. Psalms is a hymn and prayer book. After the crucifixion, Mary efssneleri to live with apostle the evangelist Luke whom Jesus loved.

In the portion appearing today the child possessed by the evil spirit lies on the ground with his mother asking Christ for mercy. Cain was working the soil and Abel was keeping flocks.

In Hagia Sophia the situation is the same. The many legends of the Hagia Sophia. Though the frescoes in the chapel are fairly well preserved, their faces have mostly disappeared.

Other people in the courtyard and Peter’s figure have disappeared due to fallen plaster. In this circular inscription belt, 19th and 20th psalms have been depicted in their entirety. Last Supper, the final meal that Jesus Christ shared with his apostles before his arrest and eventual crucifixion. The feet washing scene generally is depicted next to or xyasofya the last supper.

At both sides of the cubic cross shaped window there are crescent and stars based on the Mythra cult and under them there is a sundial. Ebelerden apokrif metinlerde bahsedilir.

Ayasofya’da tarihi anlar! 30 gün boyunca – Son Dakika Haberler

Christ, after his burial and before his resurrection, descends into hell. Pantocrator scenes are depicted at the most majestic parts of temples, generally on the central dome.


Christ is wearing a halo over his head in the middle and is partly visible. In the Monastery of Sumela the same scenes are painted but this time depiction starts from left to right. Simon the Zealot Almost under the keystone, there is a Comnenus State symbol single headed eagle looking to the east.

Moreover, whilst they are giving Christ’s genealogy both Gospels start Christ’s linage from his father Joseph, Mary does not from David’s ancestry. After Jesus’ death Mary could not bear the sorrow, and asked God to take her soul. In Islamic sources there is no information related to baptism. This Chapel’s sides, vaults and semicircular small apse to the east have been decorated with frescoes. After Christ climbed into the boat, the wind dies down.

After Anna announces that she will give birth to a child, she gave birth to a daughter and both named her Mary. After this event, as an order of God, every firstborn male was to be consecrated to God when the baby was eight days old by circumcision and presentation to the God at a temple.

The scenes on the wall are divided into two parts, the upper register showed the Gospel cycle whereas the lower was filled with figures of monks and saints. These scenes have mostly disappeared with nothing able to be distinguished.

Though all of them are not visible, they are extremely well preserved. Christ and his apostles come together for Passover and Christ tells one of them will betray him.