AS AxTrax Software Installation and User Guide. Page ii .. This Manual is compatible with AxTrax AS software Version and above, as well as . Setting ACIP Panel Type in AxTraxNG. the device. Settings are then stored in non-volatile memory on the device (see the AxTraxNG Software Manual ). other format supported by Rosslare’s AxTraxNG. Software Rosslare’s AxTraxNG software. ▫ Backed by Rosslare’s Various, please refer to AxTraxNG manual.

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AS-525. AxTrax Access Control Management Software. Software Manual

To add a panel: When the user is forced to open the door under threat, he can present the designated finger to activate an alarm and send a warning signal to the GV-ASManager. The long messages will be split up to 9 mankal and go out as axtrraxng SMS messages.

Architecture Overview 1 1. Approved internal CallCopy staff only and licensed. If there is no communication from the AxTrax server for a period longer than the setting defined, the No communication with server event is generated in the panel.

Next to Handicap Card, type the number of seconds the door can be held open after a Handicap Card is swiped before a Door Held Open alarm is generated. To delete cards, simply select the card axtfaxng click the Delete button.


Select a network and expand a panel in the tree view. After the visitor has returned the visitor card, you can return to this visit record and select the Check-Out checkbox to check out the card.

GV-ASManager. User’s Manual V ASMVA-EN – PDF

The Excel file format does not support the password protection. Follow these steps to troubleshoot the problem: Punching in after the assigned start time. All trademarks and axhraxng names mentioned in this publication. Then click the Add Access Time button. Assign the message a priority so the recipient knows aztraxng either look at it right away high priority or read it when time permits low priority. The default operator names are administrator, engineer, and security.

To create an account, click the New button in the bottom left corner. Each user is assigned to an access group.

Follow the axttaxng below to back up the current database and restore it to the GV-ASManager after upgrading to the latest version.

By default the Access database is created at C: Figure Right-click an LPR to access the following options: The security card can enable the Security Mode where no cards can be granted access. Enable fast rotation detection: To install the USB Dongle drivers: In Description, type a name for the new Network, and select the Enabled checkbox. To assign the criteria of the access group to a single card, click Personnel on the menu bar and select Cards.


The resulting filter window may look like this. Onsight Management Axtranxg Version 5. Run Windows Command Prompt. Configure the door as required, and then click OK. Figure The buttons on the window: For details, see Axtraxn 2: When the uploading is complete, check marks will appear in the In Enter or Out Exit columns.

The Network Configuration page appears. Defines the days of the week when a user is granted access to a secure site.

Assigning Schedules to Employees After creating daily shift schedules in TA Shift or arranging a schedule template in TA Template, you can now assign the schedules you set up to an employee or an entire department and select a start date. The selected controllers are now assigned to the group. General knowledge, manusl and safety.

Rosslare AC-525 Hardware Installation And User’s Manual: Axtrax As-525

IP device to the local computer. Select an event to start setting up alert methods. Administrators should review and update the holiday setting prior to the beginning of a new year to ensure proper holiday coverage.