The latest version of this manual and Pearl Expert Titan Software can Expert, or the Pearl , or consoles, they have their own. Avolites Ltd recognise that all trademarks within the manual are the property of their respective Note: Tiger Touch shows can be transferred to Pearl Expert Titan consoles, but or a Pearl // console, because the show file. The user manuals for the Pearl / Pearl Tiger are well written and those The Avolites Pearl / / / / Olympic Limited.

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Pls help me to change to program mode.

Some other desks allow you change the wheels, the Cham Sys being one. Have googled, no luck: R20 text file level — trouble is, you would have to create custom personalities for every fixture you every avolits to use.

Will think up some tips on using the different Avolites modes. Rob December 23, at 9: Extracting values you have already recorded and dumping into the programmer is a quick way to build looks based on avolutes work you have already done. The desk is in service mode. Thank you for a good tutorial!

Email will not be published. This pulls only the positional information from Submaster 1 and puts it into the Programmer. When that cue starts, the tilt of those fixtures will remain unchanged. I would hesitate to call this a avoljtes Advanced Pearl Programming Tutorial but more of a heads up on what the desk has to offer to to advance your skills as a Pearl operator.


As one of the many LX ops who still uses a Pearl at least once a week, I know that we all use these functions regularly in different ways.

Litedjlubash April 13, at 4: Sorry for a long post. I have a pearl tiger at my disposal and a few cheap Eurolite LedBars. Rob Sayer April 13, at 8: Moving, altering and even deleting bits of the patch was always hard avloites.

Aligning parameters and using existing programming to build new cues avoid wasting creative time with work already done.

This removes the Tilt information of those fixtures from a cue altogether. Professional lighting consoles have a function for easily removing data from a cue. Axel April 14, at 9: The selection order is the one you used when you recorded the group. Saravanan March 9, at 6: Hit ALL again and carry on with the group. Hey Saravanan, sorry to hear that. Hi Rob Thanks for the tips it has been difficult adjusting to the tiger, from 8 years programming a hog 1K.

Avolites pearl manual español – Google Docs

If you have a lot of other non-LED related programming then you can at least salvage this. Mark W-E April 13, at I am not an Avo personaility file guru but it coud be possible at.

If anyone from this thread is interested please email me Sean on Seans. I have a question. To manjal remove attributes such as just Colour or Tilt, you can choose the parameters using the attribute buttons again. Rob Sayer April 3, at 1: I found it misplaced now.


There seems to be a finite set of tools with infinite ways to use them.

Avolites > Software > Downloads

This button toggles the recording mode while you are working which is useful if you mamual recording different types of memory or using By Channel to edit existing ones. It involves running the app in a legacy compatibility mode. The other hack technique is to pearo the key switch wiring back to the connector and remove the connector. The Pearl gives you the option to Include individual attributes using the selection buttons on the right.

So, the Align function helps us to get our ducks in a row. Simplicity with underlying flexibility is what I think makes the Pearl so strong.

This is another example of how the Pearl gives you some a powerful programming tools in a simple format.

Avolites Pearl & Pearl Tiger Operator Tools and Time Savers

Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. EK Lok February 3, at 4: Dear Rob, I lost my avolite pearl key. Im just getting into lighting and was wondering where I can find the link for the simulator? Does anybody know where you can sell your second hand pearl keyboard?