The Aviva Method is a natural solution for women and men. For women: It is a unique workout method, which influences the feminine hormonal system using. Om dit te bereiken zonder kunstmatige supplementen kunnen we deze methode gebruiken, die op elementen berust uit de yoga. Némó Sport, Koszeg, Hungary. likes.

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It is a unique workout method, which influences the feminine hormonal system using exercises. She worked in Jerusalem as a PE physical education teacher, while in her free time she audited anatomy and physiotherapy classes at the Medical University.


Na een paar weken begon mijn lichaam heel positief op de oefeningen te reageren. It took her some time to believe that what she had been searching for, for a long time, had finally appeared in her life. Solving problems with the menstrual cycle: She wanted to create a warm-up routine that would not be too strenuous for her middle-aged and elderly students women between the ages of 45 and This set of exercises for women is suitable for: This method consist of a series of exercises that give woman, the power to control their monthly cycles.

Many women of all ages suffer from the symptoms of urinary incontinence. Regulating irregular menstrual cycle Helping to achieve a day menstrual cycle Shortening the length of the periods from 5 or more days gradually to 3 days Helping to overcome menstrual pain, cramps and PMS Solving amenorrhea absence of menstrual period. Hormonal balancing without medication.


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However, nothing can be done without the cooperation of the patient, without her willingness to heal, and it is also important to have an expert therapist. Aviva remembers these times as follows: Solving amenorrhea — lack of menstrual cycle.

The goals of this method:. These execirses improve reproductive health by increasing blood flow to the reproductive organs.

Helping menstrual cycle problems: Lowering high levels of FSH. The essence of Aviva’method: By chance, it happened wviva her own period was also late at this time. De voordelen van het beoefenen van deze methode die speciaal ontwikkeld is voor vrouwen zijn: The Aviva Method is suitable for: With this increased circulation hormone and oxygen levels also heightened in the affected areals.

Het trainen van de spieren van de onderbuik, de bekkenbodem spieren bereiken dit positieve effect. Na een lange knyf met pcos heb ik besloten om aan de slag te gaan met Aviva, en de traditionele hormonbehandelingen die voorgesteld waren niet te nemen.

Aviva is most proud of the birth of all the beautiful and clever children whose mothers had previously been treated for infertility in vain, and who had finally conceived with the help of her exercises.

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These two set of exercises are equivalent in their effectiveness: After the first trial with these warm-up exercises which are now exercise no. Later, Aviva chose to dedicate her life to gymnastics and healing, leaving an acting and dancing career behind. Later, in her early childhood years, Aviva personally took up gymnastics and ballet as well. The Method provides a natural solution that involves no external intervention for problems with fertility, irregularities in the menstrual cycle, and menopausal symptoms.



She consulted her doctor, and made an appointment at the clinic. However, in some instances additional specific exercises are needed to further promote ovulation. Hot flushes Vaginal dryness Prolapse dropping down of the uterus Prolapse of the bladder Hormonal balancing without medication.

Apart from this, she also took up yoga. Yorna Aviva was surprised, she did not yet draw the connection between this incidence and her warm-up exercises. Prostate problems Impotency Constipation Increases the number of viable sperms. Her original name was Gabriella Fazekas.

Aviva was teaching gymnastics to women, and tried to diversify her exercises.

She then began to think — dozens of women attending her classes get their periods, does she really need to see a doctor? Aviva continued her studies following this new direction. These exercises can c omplement pther existing contrareceptive methods. Similarly to other young women, she had been looking for a method of contraception for decades that would help avoid undesired pregnancies.