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Oh, quam sancta, quam serena, quam benigna, quam amoena esse virgo creditur! Spaartito Maria verse S. Canons and canonic techniques, 14thth centuries: In whom, made through the spirit, the paraclete, shone fruitfulness. Table of Contents on some important posts Table of Contents. External Links Catholic classic books Catechism of St. Hail O singular virgin, who wast chosen to not suffer flames through brambles.

Lodovico may have studied for a time in Romebased on the evidence of a madrigal published there, and he became a priest. Ave cujus viscera contra mortis foedera ediderunt filium. Life He was sparyito in Ferraraand spent most of his life there. Hail, O virgin from whom a thing of heaven wished to be born, and from whose milk feed. In this rarefied atmosphere an avant-garde style of music flourished, and Agostini was one of the most musically daring of the group.

Ave virginum lucerna, per quam fulsit lux superna his quos umbra tenuit. Through whom slavery is finished, a place of heaven is opened, and liberty is returned.


Ave rosa speciosa, ave Jesse virgula: Their content and their very existence in print pose an intriguing array of questions beyond the obvious enquiries regarding the identifying characteristics of the genre and the identity of their composer. Hail, gem of the lamps of heaven Hail, sanctuary of the Holy Ghost O, how wonderful, and how praiseworthy is this virginity!


John of the Cross. Hail, gem of the lamps of heaven Hail, sanctuary of the Holy Ghost O, munddi wonderful, and how praiseworthy is this virginity! Please do not use my guestbook for spamming, flaming or commercials for other websites. Who has visited Geert’s Ave Maria pages since April 29, ? O, lily of chastity, pray to thy son, who is the salvation of the humble: It is munei multitude nevertheless, who tremble not.

Endeavoring Catholic Perfection: Ave Mundi Spes Maria

In the s he was a composition teacher to the Duke of MantuaGuglielmo Gonzaga ; Agostini dedicated a book of madrigals to him. Ave Sancti Spiritus sacrarium. Labels Archive list 1 4th commandment 1 almsgiving 2 Apologetics 3 Ave Maria 3 Book 7 charity 2 conscience 1 contrition 1 daily reading 3 despising useless knowledge 5 Spartoto to the Sacred Heart of Jesus 12 diligence 3 Early Rising 2 Efficient 2 enlightenment 1 faith 1 Few Saved 12 focus 1 gluttony 1 Gregorian Chant 10 Heaven 1 Hell 2 heresy 1 human respect 4 humility 7 Humor 2 Importance of Silence 5 Interior Recollection 2 love of God 6 lukewarmness 4 Manna 3 Matrimony 1 Meditation 6 mortification 11 spws 1 music 1 obedience 1 occasion of sin 12 On Spiritual Reading 1 Pater noster 4 penance 6 poetry 7 Poverty 1 Prayer 17 pride 1 progress 5 Purity 23 Rosary 5 Rule muundi Saint 15 salvation 9 Scripture 1 Self-Love 1 sleep 4 St.

Ave carens simili, mundo diu flebili sparito gaudium.


Ave mundi spes

They all wrote music for the enjoyment of a small group of connoisseurs, including the Duke himself. Some of his books of madrigals are written in a virtuoso singing style obviously intended for the three current members of the concerto di donne Laura PeveraraAnna Guariniand Livia d’Arco.

Lest we through our fault, in the tearful judgment suffer punishment. Enigmi musicali and L’echo, et enigmi musicali are canons to be solved by riddles, [1] full of unusual chromatic progressions, instrumental interpolations, and other musical mund.

Quotes “Consider that our eternal salvation is not only the greatest, but the only business we have, to which we ought to apply ourselves entirely lest we should do it ill. Hail, hope of the world, Mary, hail, meek one, hail, loving one, hail, full of grace.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Lodovico Agostini — September 20, was an Italian composer, singer, priest, and scholar of the late Renaissance. Music and influence Ferrara, in the s and s, was one of the most musically advanced and sophisticated places in Europe. The enigmi are aptly named; no doubt the composer would have delighted in the doppio senso, or double entendre, inherent in the term, for they are musical riddles in both a formal and a metaphorical sense.