This Project “Automatic Room Light Controller with Visitor Counter using Microcontroller AT89S52 continuously monitor the Infrared Receivers, When any . This Project ―Automatic Room Light Controller with Visitor Counter Output signal from AT89S52 is given to the base of the CHAPTER: 3. This automatic room light controller project with visitor counter is a reliable circuit based on the AT89S52 microcontroller. It takes over the task of controlling room.

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Click here to sign up. Reply Microtronics Technologies Post author 19 July, at 4: We have used a SPDT relay.

Automatic Room light Controller with Visitor Counter | Neeraj Sharma –

What are the ways of rooom false triggering? I got Output of project is as mentioned on website. Cunter the third terminal of potentiometer RV is left open. Hence the name free running oscillator. LTS Common Anode is used for 7-Segment display and that time Relay will get voltage and triggered, so light will get voltage and it will turn on and when counter will be 00 and at that time Relay will be turned off.

The total number of persons inside the room is also displayed on the seven segment displays. Interrupt recovery from power down modes Mainly this block diagram consists of the following essential blocks. So the driver transistor is added.


In other cases, where sunlight is enough and lights are not required in day time, we can turn off the project so it will not function. We can either use AC fan or DC fan as well. We have provided a relay with this project. Reply Microtronics Technologies Post author 10 October, at 3: Output Voltages of 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 12, 15, 18, 24V 3. If the second sensor is not interuppted within 5 seconds then the waiting period gets over and action is cancelled.

Automatic Room light Controller with Visitor Counter (AT89S52)

We have used Infra-Red transmitters. What can be the problem? Reply muhd 23 July, at 1: Entry and Exit sensor circuit 3. And if there insufficient sunlight in the room then only the relay will be turned on so as to turn on the bulb.

The transformer works at V but here in Canada we have V so do we change the transformer to v if auttomatic what transformer we need? And then we can turn on the project in evening time.

Since this project does the automatic person counting with the help of two sensors installed on door frame. I would recommend to add a comparator contorller of a Analog to digital convertor.


Can we get volt as output of the relay because here in Canada we have lights works in volt? This project can also be used in our home because many times we come out of our bedroom or any other room and we forgot to turn off the room light. Log In Sign Up.

Automatic Room light Controller with Visitor Counter (AT89S52)

Below is the diagrammatic representation on how the two sensors should be placed on the door frame http: Suppose a seminar hall has seating capacity of then only people should be allowed inside room. The stabl emultivibratorgenerates squarewave, the period of which is determined by the circu viaitor external to IC In this mode it will work only as a Person counter to save the electricity and works as energy saver.

Skip to main content. It receives the signals from the sensors, and this signal is operated under the control of software which is stored in ROM. Concerning pets in the autoamtic, are they likely to trigger the system?