Auntie-Mame script at the Internet Movie Script Database. Auntie Mame plot summary, character breakdowns, context and analysis, and performance video clips. AUNTIE MAMEBy Patrick DennisLeft an orphan after the death of his father, young Patrick Dennis is adopted by his extravagant aunt, who.

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There’s a man in the house. I stayed awake half the night to sift it from obscurity.

This is my Auntie Mame, Mrs. It’s in my suitcase. What does she do, live here? Only 10 years old, Patrick finds himself in the zany world of Mame Dennis, an eccentric socialite determined to live life to the fullest. We’ll tackle him in our own good time.

That’s why I’m so tired today. You’ll join auntiee on all your vacations.


Auntie Mame

Like a man and woman in each other’s arms. Have him ready at 8: You’re at school, dear? Talk slow then, Beau, darling. Msme times we’ll have! It’s like removing your hat in America.

You better camp out with me. But the theater guild!

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It’s a good mile course, for those that makes it. The school must be exclusive and restricted. Will you stop being a goose and get these clothes off? I am about to be attacked by the Knickerbocker Bank.

Thanks for your vote! She’s sleeping in two bedrooms?

He’s not really my little boy. But I must be fair to Father. Burnside, that doesn’t include me, does it?

Now let me see you smile. Yes, it is it! No, your telegram said October 1. Yes, sir, a bully little chap. But he’s all that I have! I was due at the theater guild. I can’t see how you got Beauregard out of your nest. Now run along to Ito csript hurry my tray, darling.


Now, while we cherish this ecstasy we’ve known.

It’s a wonder their blood hasn’t turned to vinegar. It’s in your lap, Mother Burnside. What am I gonna do with this damn stinking halo? You’re not scared, are you, Norah? Be an angel and tell lto to bring me breakfast. If that’s Santa Claus, tell him we’ve quntie had it.

Ito, lay out my cosmetics, my cold cream, everything.