El eclipse has 22 ratings and 3 reviews. Cuando fray Bartolomé Arrazola se sintió perdido aceptó que ya nada podría salvarlo. La selva poderosa de Guatem . Augusto Monterroso utilizes irony to outline the demise of Brother Bartolomo Arazzola, at the hands of Arazzola’s own arrogance. Instances of. Usman Farooqi, Rebecca Simon, Orr Shalom, Sanjog Bhatti, Daniel Cheng. In the short story “The Eclipse,” Augusto Monterroso uses.

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El final era muy predecible.

Case Study: “The Eclipse” By Augusto Monterroso. | Fernando Valerio-Holguín –

Mauro Truscello marked it as to-read Dec 26, Alejandra Rosa rated it really liked it Nov 07, Provide evidence to support your claims. How is the jungle depicted? What issues does this case offer for exploration? Log In Sign Up.

Carla Daniela rated it really liked it Mar 24, Who are the Mayans? In your opinion, was this action justified?

Jordi Lacasa rated it liked it Aug 05, Which was obviously not enough for survival aguusto it failed to save him from his sacrifice. Where does the action take place? In addition, Monterroso successfully utilizes personification by describing how the jungle has trapped Bartolome. Instances of irony were plenty as Arazola conceitedly depends on western theory to save his life, along with his sudden will to survive in the Guatemalan jungle, and the rclipse of the religious missionary of his own religion.


I read the English translation and it was a very good short story. Want to Read saving…. He then had an idea he considered worthy of his talent, universal culture and steep knowledge of Aristotle.

What did you learn from this story? Students read the story as a homework assignment and prepare set of pre- case study questions. He remembered that a total eclipse of the sun was expected on that day and in his innermost thoughts he decided to use that knowledge to deceive his oppressors and save his life. However, Bartolome chosen to stay arrogant. Translated by Wilfrido H. Do you know a real life case that is in some way similar to this one?

The story is a complete narrative of events occurred in the past 16th Century with a surprisingly closed ending.

The eclipse paper in class

What is the discussion you want to have? Refresh and try again. The ironic nature of a priest being hopeless calls into question his faith, but more importantly the purpose of his journey is in question. No trivia or quizzes yet. Mar 19, Denissa Levou rated it it was ok.

What do you think the Indians “consulted” one another about? How do the Indians look at him?

Like the jungle, which is seen as uncivilized and untouched by western technology, the altar also represents the barbarity of the natives. Bartolome is a very arrogant man who came from a civilized society that was presumably far ahead of the Mayans. However, Monterroso also implies that within that time frame Arrazola had not accomplished anything in order to survive in the Guatemalan terrain or amongst the Mayan people. After braving the journey from Spain to Auguso Arrazola resigns himself to death.


El eclipse

Published by Ciudad Seva first published What analysis do you want your students to do that will further your objectives? Help Center Find new research papers in: Edith rated it monterrooso liked it May 27, How did the Indians know about the eclipses?

Short lecture 15 minutes on the purpose and general background of the case.

The powerful Guatemalan jungle had trapped him inexorably and definitively. Who are the agents? Alexia Bocchini monterroso it as to-read May 09, Thinking he had the upper hand, he tried to deceive the natives of an impending eclipse. Mayan Indians and a Spanish priest.