Christy winner and prolific author Mills braids together romance and suspense in a compelling narrative about a young woman caught in the. A FIRST CHAPTER EXCERPT. Attracted To Fire by DiAnn Mills. Read the thrilling first chapter from the new book by bestselling author DiAnn Mills. Attracted to Fire by DiAnn Mills – book cover, description, publication history.

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Jun 02, Hannah rated it it was amazing Shelves: A good romantic suspense story. I also appreciate the short chapters. I had a problem with the way Ash was portrayed at the beginning, as both a man of private faith and someone who could easily demean others, especially fellow female agents.

This book, however, was very satisfying. The story wasn’t bad, just predictable. However, death threats and a series of inexplicable incidents at their supposedly confidential location mean they have to work together to protect Lindsay from an unknown fear that is bigger than her addiction problems.

Lindsay is frightened for the safety of her father and she also fears for her life. As Ash and Meghan investigate, they uncover a deadly conspiracy that reaches deeper and higher than anyone imagined.

I saw the short list of the psychologists and psychiatrists. Attracted to Fire is a great book! Liked the characters; like people I would want to meet.


When Vice President Hall is sworn in as president, threats on his daughter escalate and security on the ranch is breached.

Attracted to Fire

This was the first novel by DiAnn Mills that I’ve read, and I couldn’t tell you if this is symptomatic of her regular writing style or not. Special Agent Meghan Connors’ dream of one day protecting the president of the United States is about to come true.

She attractde on the TV mounted in the corner of the coffee shop, not far from the White House. I might not be rushing out to buy the author’s latest book, but I wouldn’t necessarily be opposed to reading more, either. This book was provided for review by Tyndale House and NetGalley.

Christian Novels | Romantic Suspense Books | Mystery Romance Novels – DiAnn Mills

Attracted To Fire September 1 3 Aug 10, Books with attractes chapters keep the action flowing so well. Agent Connors has a stellar record. Who is in his ear convincing him to leave her there? Does Lindsay hold the key to what is happening? Four years of protecting Lindsay Hall, and the situation had grown worse.

It was an easy read, but I wasn’t surprised by much of anything.

That nailed hy situation. The story contained ample action, danger, suspense, and drama to hold my interest and the romantic elements were an added bonus.


Our job is to protect cire, not help her buy lipstick. DiAnn Mills is a bestselling author who believes her readers should expect an adventure.

The news anchor continued her report. I was hooked enough on the plot line of this book to see it through to the end and find out who was behind a deadly series of events surrounding the president’s drug-addict frie. How hard can it be?

Meghan believes that she can reach Lindsey where others have failed if only she can get her to open up and trust her. Their locat Meghan Connors has worked hard to earn her way in the Secret Service. Still, she stages a performance mill of an Oscar when she has to fake the relapse, so it sort of compensates for the rest.

Attracted to Fire : DiAnn Mills :

If she joins the team guarding the Vice President’s daughter, she’ll be considered for the opening on the Presidential team. Where is the reading of his word? I really enjoyed the two main characters Ash and Meghan but especially admired Meghan.