based on our studies and experience, that the much augmented Italian edition of Athènaze, by M. Balme, G. Lawall, L. Miraglia and T. F. Bórri. In addition to Oxford’s Athenaze text, there are a number of other texts like the workbook for Athenaze and Luigi Miraglia’s Italian edition of. i- I ATHENAZE An Introduction to Ancient Greek Second Edition Book!, Press with inspiration from L. Miraglia and T. F. B6rri’s Italian edition of Athenaze.

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Two fundamentally different approaches In resurrecting my Latin, I came to know of two fundamentally different approaches. Fortunately, there are two outstanding contemporary realizations of the natural-language, or immersion, approach, though one is near fatally flawed for self-learning purposes.

I can understand most of the explanations thanks to Latin and Spanish. In addition to Oxford’s Athenaze text, there are a number of other texts like the workbook for Athenaze and Luigi Miraglia’s Italian edition of Athenaze, which emulates “Lingua Latina.

Visit our Beautiful Books page and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and more. As an autodidact, you’ll need to make a decision about which pronunciation to follow.

In addition, you’ll want the Reading Greek 2-disc audio CD, which contains an introduction to the restored pronunciation and entertainingly dramatized readings from many of the chapters. Grammar and Exercises Reading Greek: Latin Dictionaries and Reference Grammars Though in theory mirwglia necessary while working through the introductory and intermediate texts, which have their own vocabularies, you’ll probably want a dictionary.

Athenaze: an introduction to ancient greek – Book I | Aurelio Lima Correia –

It is a graded reader: Maybe it’s the difference between the era of the Pax Romana in which Julius and his family live in the Familia Romana and the turbulent times in Attica at the outset of the Peloponnesian war. As I’ve said, only the teacher’s handbooks have the story translations and exercise keys. Strictly speaking, according to Kendrick’s preface, it is miragliz to “precede the use of any Grammar. Goodreads is the world’s largest site for readers with over 50 million reviews.


Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here I had read the first two chapters of Alexandros, a Spanish textbook based on Rouse first bit available onlinethen I looked at Rouse, but I kinda drowned after the second chapter after I typed ahtenaze earlier comment. However, it appears these efforts stalled quickly.

But the Athenaze CD serves its purpose; I especially like that it sticks with the pitch accent throughout its readings and does so at a pace you can follow and practice. In fact, in both series the fictional lead character is Dikaiopolis, a character borrowed from Aristophanes’s The Acharnians. Wheelock, revised by Richard A.

I read a chapter of Alexandros at night partially to help myself avoid electronics in the evening, and if I dnt feel like I get it enough, I reread it. Might be worth checking out!

The remaining chapters are slightly adapted selections from Vergil, Livy, Sallust, Cicero, and others that cover the history in chronological order from the mythical foundations through the fall of the Republic.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Student Workbooks for Books I and II include self-correcting exercises, cumulative vocabulary lists, periodic grammatical reviews, and additional readings.

The emphasis in the natural-language approach is to first learn to speak and read and to some degree write Latin or Greek as the everyday languages they were. The progression is still tough, but I think the Italian edition is a huge improvement over the English one. Not meaning to be insulting, but I believe your position on reading ancient Greek is simply naive.

“Athenaze”: learning ancient Greek with the nature method

This approach is sometimes also referred to as the immersion method, as it is similar to the immersion methods often used in learning a miragla language. The names are self-descriptive.

Email required Address never made public. The point is to learn the language first, rather than leaping from grammar directly to the high art of a Vergil miragloa Cicero or Horace, writers who, as my graduate school Latin professor put it, manipulated the language like a late Beethoven string quartet.

Can’t Read Greek—Unsurprised, but Angry

Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide. You are commenting using your WordPress. When a true genius appears, you can know him by this sign: Would that enable me to read?


And, especially if you are Intense, decide right now you don’t want to be reading them mirxglia six months. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

For Serious, Atnenaze think it works fine, and being in its sixth edition, it clearly has worked for many others, not just Serious. The Reading Greek 2-CD set sweeps the Academy Awards for best performance by male and female leading and supporting actors, best sound and dramatic effects, and best documentary explaining the restored pronunciation. For most self-learners, though, it’s not going to suffice, especially if you’re teaching yourself Greek from scratch.

Without qualification, I have found Reading Greek a perfect self-learning vehicle for learning or relearning ancient Greek. The point is to learn Latin and Greek as a natural and living language, not as an exercise athneaze grammar.

Athenaze Since Ayhenaze is almost identical in concept and production, I would like to make the same unqualified recommendation for it. The source material is simply not meant for the academically faint of heart. Both are designed to be started as early as 8th grade, as my daughter did with Latin. I used Athenaze and quickly found it to be woefully inadequate—not worth the paper it is printed on.

It makes it painfully clear why upper school students who take our Greek minor typically though not always high-achieving Latin students learn so terribly little of the language despite their best efforts. The epitome of grammar-first is Wheelock’s Latinby Frederick M. Introduzione al greco anticoin 2 volumes. In my opinion, as an autodidact, you would do equally well with either, if, for Athenazeyou could get the teacher’s handbooks and audio CD. LTRG provides its students with the tools necessary to read unaltered classical Greek texts and focuses on reading like no other text I have used either Latin or Greekbut there is no getting around the intense academic work that ancient Greek demands.