Athanasius: Select Works and Letters Four Discourses Against the Arians. Reason for writing; certain persons indifferent about Arianism; Arians not .. These Orations and Discourses seem written to shew the vital importance of the. Looking for an examination copy? If you are interested in the title for your course we can consider offering an examination copy. To register your interest please. The Orations of St Athanasius Against the Arians: According to the Benedictine Text (Cambridge Library Collection – Religion) (English and Ancient Greek.

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Athanasius was residing in the precincts of the church of St. The faithful gathered around him weeping.

Dionysius does not expressly say, ‘ I was refer- ring to the Manhood. He himself like earlier Alexandrians, Routh, Rell. In truth, that crafty one did not escape detection; but, for all his many writhings to and fro, like the serpent, he did but fall into the error of the Pharisees. It appears that Gregory’s description, which he connects with the third return, should rather belong to the second. At his death they were made guar- dians of his two sons, whose names, as another document tells us 2were Aizan and Sazan.

One sentence, in c. He is represented as asking, ‘Do you thick me cowardly, that you smile? True, Dionysius had said, in one of his letters, ‘ The Son was made The Benedictines and Tillemont reject the story ; see too Neale, i. Hereupon Athanasius, in a Synodal letter ad- dressed ‘ To the Africans,’ i. Frumentius continued undisturbed ; see Le Quien, Or. The Incarnate Christ has a Divine and a human sphere of action: See too Later Treatises of Orqtions.

The Festal Index favours this view: Reference to the ‘ Thalia ‘ of Anus for its essential ariians. The Council thought it best to treat them generously ; their chief was received into communion ; and all their other bishops were allowed to retain their episcopal rank, after receiving ‘a more sacred ordination 2 ,’ — and to succeed to any sees that became vacant, if they athaasius duly ‘ chosen by the people,’ and approved by the see of Alexandria 3.


Four Orations Against the Arians

Whenever he traversed the broad street that ran from the Sun- gate southwards 8or looked around him at the Tetrapylon, the Alexandrian ‘ Carfax,’ he would find something new in the aspects of that strange population, so frivolous and restless, so bitterly contentious and feverishly airans 9: The charge did not come gracefully 1 Ath.

Full text of ” The orations of St.

He adds, ‘ Become a Samuel to the churches. The reception was gracious: Again, there was the open division at Antioch: Everything at Tabcnne was prescribed by rule ; the twelve prayers and psalms for midnight, for day-time, for even- ing, — the afternoon service in the church, — the Eucharist on Sunday and Saturday, — the addresses, meditations, confessions, penances, times of silence and of work, of eating and of sleep- ing, followed each other with absolute uniformity.

A few faithful men, such as Eusebius of Vercellae, Lucifer of Caliaris, Dionysius of Milan, after a momentary weakness, and Maximus of Naples, who was suffering at the time from illness, alone refused to condemn Athanasius 2 ; and in standing out against the incurable tyrannousness of Csesarism, as thus exhibited, must have felt themselves to be contending both for civil justice and for Nicene orthodoxy 3.

It would be hardly less superfluous to disclaim any expecta- tion of doing justice in a few pages to so broad and lofty a theme. Constantine’s letter gives the day of the month, but not the year, Apol.

Kaye on the Council of Nicjea, p. This is irreconcileable with the date in the Festal Index, June In the Lent ofthe Alexandrian churches were so crowded that some persons suffered severely, agaiinst the people urged Athanasius to allow the Easter services to be held in a large church which was still unfinished, called the Cassarean.

So ended the conspiracy, for a time, at the close of A name- 1 Bright, Hist.


CHURCH FATHERS: Four Discourses Against the Arians (Athanasius)

The troubles of the Semi-arians in a. The one Word of God contrasted with other ‘words. If, in short, as he believes to be the case, they own the Sonship to be real, not adoptive, let them give up ‘ fighting with shadows 6 ,’ and adopt the Nicene Creed as a refuge from endless vari- ations 7 and a symbol of authentic Christianity.

About this time he showed in two remarkable acts, on the one hand, his supe- riority to mere technical formalism, and, on the other, his zeal to borrow Mr. Then came news which touched Athanasius more closely. The Roman envoys, detained at Antioch until January 3were then sent home with a letter in which their church was spoken of in high terms, but their bishop’s invitation referred to in a tone of cavil.

The Arians availed themselves of certain texts as objections, argued keenly and plausibly from them, and would not be driven from them.

Constantius’ absolute dependence on his advisers is scornfully noted in Hist. Valens and Ursacius, having now recanted their recantation, were ready to form new plots ; and Liberius, the new bishop of Rome, was plied with letters against him, which were outweighed, in the judgment of a Roman synod, by an encyclic of eighty Egyptian prelates ; and Rome remained faithful to his cause 2.

Con- trast this with the Anomcean view, Soc. He repeatedly expresses a wish to win Arians to a better mind, e. On their return, their vessel put in for necessaries at a port in the Red Sea.

Thus, though Arius be dead, and many of his party have succeeded him, yet those who think with him, as being known from Arius, are called Arians. For Athanasius’s return was some time after the death of Gregory, which was says Athanasius, in Hist.