Thank you for visiting the Advanced Plating Technologies Specification Database . Below is a technical summary of specification ASTM B from ASTM for. Our gold plating services comply with different categories of specifications, such as MIL-G, ASTM B, and AMS Gold plating compliant to. Accurate Precision Plating has 50 years experience performing gold plating services under the ASTM B certification & standard. Call today!.

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If they do not, Test Method B identi? Coating Requirements Coating Requirements 7.

ASTM B-488

All other metals excluding potassium and sodium are considered impurities and shall not be present in amounts greater than 0. Current edition approved Oct. Examine the fracture at a magni? B — 11 Standard Speci?

NOTE 11—The coating thickness requirement of this speci? Test Method B can be used only for coating requirements that have a numerical limit, such as coating thickness. The location of rack or wire marks in the coating shall be agreed upon between the purchaser and the supplier.

ASTM B Plating Specification | Gold Plating Service | General Metal Finishing

Thus, the appearance of test coupons may serve as an indication of an approaching need for the activated carbon treatment.

The sampling plan used for the inspection of the quality of the coated articles shall be as agreed upon between the purchaser and the supplier.

Cracking without separation does not indicate poor adhesion unless the coating can be peeled back with a sharp instrument. Go to Navigation Go to Content. asttm


Gold will not form surface oxides Gold conducts low voltage currents for long periods of time without corrosion or failure Gold provides good wear resistance, especially when combined with cobalt or nickel Types of Industrial Gold Plating Services Hard gold plating — gold alloyed with trace amounts of cobalt or nickel for durability in connectors Soft gold plating — for applications that require purity Wire bondable gold — ultra-pure karat gold plating We offer nickel-brightened hard acid, karat gold plating, with hardness rating between Knoop.

It is customary that allowance for plated coatings be included within the part tolerance. The thickness of an underplating is usually greater than 1? Such stress relief shall not reduce the hardness to a value awtm the speci?

This standard is subject to revision at any time by bb488 responsible technical committee and must be reviewed every? Accurate Precision Plating APP is a leading metal finishing services company, specializing in high quality, precision gold plating services for industrial applications.

This standard does not purport to address all of the safety concerns, if any, associated with its use. For that reason, the electrodeposition of gold is used extensively in electrical component applications adtm as electrical contacts, connector pins, switches, sensors and many others for asstm repeated physical contact occurs. It is strongly recommended that gold coating thicknesses not exceed 0.

NOTE 6—When the thickness of the nickel underplate has a detrimental impact on the mechanical properties or bondability of the substrate, the nickel thickness may be reduced to a non-detrimental level as speci?

ASTM B – 18 Standard Specification for Electrodeposited Coatings of Gold for Engineering Uses

The military standard designation of Grade is included for reference. If copper or nickel underplatings are used, they should have a nominal thickness of at least 1. To convert mass of gold per unit area that is present over the measured area to a geometrical thickness, it is necessary to use standards having a density identical to that of the coatings to be measured, or to multiply the reading obtained by factor, f. Deposit purity should be determined on samples at plating conditions representative of actual production.


Such acceptance or pass-fail criteria, if required, shall be part of the product speci? We offer our clients a superior product due to our attention to detail and commitment to quality, supported by the highest level of customer service.

The surface must be chemically clean and continuously conductive, that is, without inclusions or other contaminants.

Benefits of Gold Plating Electrical Components Gold is the ultimate precious metal for electrical contact plating. Once it has been established that the co-deposited metallic impurity limitations are being continuously met in production, frequency of determination can be reduced.

Special Government Requirements Nonmagnetic Coatings on Magnetic Basis Metals. Thickness of the underplating should be consistent with end-use requirements. Our extensive quality control measures throughout production include non-destructive testing in accordance with ASTM B to measure the thickness of the coating. Historical Version s – view previous versions of standard.