Supplier and Exporter of Incoloy ASTM B Pipes, ASTM B Seamless Pipes , Incoloy Seamless Tube. Buy ASTM B Incoloy ASTM B(). Standard Specification for Nickel-Iron-Chromium- Molybdenum-Copper Alloy (UNS N, N, and. ASTM B specification covers Inconel (UNS N)in the form of cold- worked and hot-finished seamless pipe and tube intended for general corrosive.

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The alloy’s chemical composition is designed to provide exceptional resistance to many corrosive environments.

ASTM B423 Inconel 825 Seamless Pipe and Tube

The nickel content is astn for resistance to chloride-ion stress corrosion cracking. The nickel, in conjunction with the molybdenum and copper, also gives outstanding resistance to reducing environments such as those containing sulfuric and phosphoric acids.

The molybdenum also aids resistance to pitting and crevice corrosion. The alloy’s chromium content confers resistance to a variety of oxidizing substances such as nitrates, nitric acid and oxidizing salts. The titanium addition serves, with an appropriate heat treatment, to stabilize the alloy against sensitization to intergranular corrosion.


The resistance of Incoloy to general and localized corrosion under diverse conditions gives the alloy broad usefulness. Applications include chemical processing, pollution control, oil and gas recovery, acid production, pickling operations, nuclear fuel reprocessing and handling of radioactive wastes.

ASTM B specification covers nickel-iron-chromium-molybdenum-copper alloys UNS N in the form of cold-worked and hot-finished seamless pipe and tube intended for general corrosive service. b4233

ASTM B Seamless Pipe, ASTM B Seamless Tube, ASTM B Incoloy Tubing.

Material furnished under this specification shall conform to the applicable requirements specified. Chemical composition limits of the material such as nickel, chromium, iron, manganese, carbon, copper, silicon, sulfur, aluminum titanium, and molybdenum shall conform to the chemical requirements of this specification.

Tensile strength, yield strength and elongation of the material under the specified condition and size shall also conform to the required mechanical properties. Hydrostatic and nondestructive electric tests shall be performed.

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