Sérgio Assad né le 26 décembre à Mococa, est un guitariste et compositeur brésilien issu Latin American Music for two Guitars, Astor Piazzolla, Leo Brouwer, Radamés Gnattali, Sérgio Assad, Alberto Ginastera, Hermeto Pascoal, . The Assad brothers, who first encountered Astor Piazzolla as young music students in Rio de Janeiro in the s, capture the venerable. Assad on Arranging Classical Guitar. Sérgio Assad on Piazzolla, the Beatles, Ginastera, Transcriptions, and more. Joey Lusterman March

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But there was really nothing to change in his music—everything was written there for two guitars and he did a wonderful job. Astor Piazzolla composed Tango Suite especially for the Assads. He was still with his quintet and most of the manuscripts were not published.

But translating his quintet to two guitars, or one guitar, was very difficult. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. On your early albums you were doing a lot of Scarlatti and Couperin and composers like that. Please fill out the correct information. This page was last edited on 9 Decemberat It became an important piece in the guitar world, and helped make the popularity of Piazzolla take off.

He learned Assae folk melodies from his father. But arranging guitar at that level is very rare. But I managed to bring things into the guitar world.

I probably changed keys here and there too, because the guitar is good in certain keys where you assaad open strings. But even if you do have two it might not be enough. Some people thought it was a bad idea, some people thought it was a good idea.

I also had to do a little bit of scordatura, because it has been my dream to play a seven-string guitar to make the task a little easier, but I never learned and it seemed very hard to jump from piazzzolla to seven [strings].


You can always do it differently. I worked for so many years with just the two guitars that I thought it was impossible to add another instrument. To do the Piazzoloa well, you really need more than one guitar.

He is currently on faculty at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. You are here Home. But I think you have to do something—embellish, add something of your own. Piazzolla used simple forms, but the writing was more classical; it had several layers and everything was notated and written down—although he left room for improvisation as well.

Views Read Edit Pjazzolla history. As a composer Assad has completed more than fifty works for guitar, many of asssd have become standards in the guitar repertoire. The guitar does have a little sustain. Number of Discs in Set: Join the mailing list.

piazzolla Archives – Clarice Assad

Retrieved November 16, By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The collaboration with Salerno-Sonnenberg inspired Sergio to write the triple concerto “Originis” for violin, two guitars and chamber orchestra. They have been Nonesuch recording artists since But things changed a bit when they started adding things, like [singers] Tori Amos and Gregory Porter, and the bass [Chris Hill] and Anoushka Shankar [on sitar].

But the thing I hear that goes through all his arrangements is a sense of how the guitar should sound.

How do you choose the repertoire you arrange? This recording has been released by Allegro Classical in Tuesday, July 17, – I think of the distance between two notes in order to make it legato, but if the distance is too long.

He has been important and esteemed as an arranger as well, helping bring so many wonderful pieces, spanning centuries from the Baroque to modern pop, into the guitar repertoire. The New York Times.


You have to choose the right notes; sometimes you even have to change the written notes a little bit in order to fit under the fingers. After all, even though we published an interview with him just a few issues ago, that was solely about composing. He wanted me to try different things—and I did. Well, there was also a piano version Gershwin did immediately after the orchestral one.

So some of that was not followed so closely to the Beatles. He was not very known back then—a little bit in Europe, more so in Brazil—but his music was so advanced and so rich. By age 14, he was arranging and writing original compositions for the guitar duo he had formed with his brother, Odair.

Sérgio Assad on Piazzolla, the Beatles, Ginastera, Transcriptions, and more

By submitting my information above, I acknowledge that I have reviewed and agreed to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Useand I agree to receive updates and marketing messages from time to time from Nonesuch and its affiliates. I think he steps back a little bit more.

It piazzollx more of an orchestration of that piece.

By the time they were teenagers, their prowess brought them to Rio de Janeiro and study with Monina Tavora, a student of Segovia. Subscription sales begin on Friday. You can take any given measure and think of something that you could do to change it. It depends on the style.