I did my internship in marketing department of KAMAL (Pvt) Ltd. It is one of the well-known company at national level in labels fabrication. It has a lot of expertise . Purpose of commercial bank is to earn profit.” IBA University of the Punjab Lahore. 1. ACBL. Internship Report. HISTORY OF ASKARI COMMERCIAL BANK. I opted for Askari Commercial Bank Limited. internship report has been prepared just in accordance with the practical exposure. With an intention of grooming.

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In the current year this ratio has been reduced to the little extent. Subjects covered include products of the bank, employee benefits, salary schedules, safety, probationary period, timed recording and absence, holidays equal employment opportunity intwrnship, packing and the grievance procedure. The following are tools of HR Audit. In the net shell, it would not be wrong to say that the bank has improved its financial position and operating efficiency over the last years.

The staff member generally should not introduce the account. The bank seems to have increased control over its operating expenses, i. Or it may be inadequate, although three quarters full just before the summer drought.

Final Askari Bank Report Hamza | Muhammad Sami Saeed –

The monitory policy is adopted and controlled by the bank but akari success depends upon the cooperation of commercial banks. Iintroducing from person having doubtful dealing with the bank should be discretely declined.

They include current account, sundry deposit e.

Askari Commercial Bank makes numerous types of funds based advances to its customers. The bank attract the new customer by providing satisfaction and fulfilling his needs in best ways. Make entry in Askrai issue register.


Planning for human resources is tied in with overall Askari Bank long range planning. However, ensuring losses from declining asset quality and proposed acquisition could necessitate the need to inject the fresh capital into the bank. I did a asksri weeks internship from Askari Bank Limited in Abbottabad under the supervision of the internee in charge there Mr.

The inductee is introduced to fellow employees, given a tour of the department, and informed about such details as locker and rest rooms, supply procedures, hours of work overtime, call in procedures, rest and lunch periods, and lunching facilities. The process of job evaluation involves assessing the relative dollar-worth of each job to the organization to set up internally equitable pay structures.

Foreign currency deposits are also revalued at the end of each month. Understand the purpose of job analysis. Guarantees When an applicant for an advance cannot offer any tangible security, the banker may rely on personal guarantees to protect himself against loss on advances or overdraft to the applicant.

Normally cash department performs following functions: For taking loan first credit line proposal CLP is made. Also the banks mobilize the savings of the people in to other projects, thus such series of further investment brings boom to the economy and open more jobs. Demand Draft is issued by one branch of bank payable to other branch of the other bank e.

In the corporate banking sector of Askari Bank Limited, the services offered are by the Corporate banking division and by the Investment banking division. The borrower can draw cheques on his current account but maximally up to the amount of limit sanctioned to him.

internship report on askari-bank

Just 7 branches at the start of were working, but now bnk whole Pakistan more than branches of Askari Bank Limited are functioning. Therefore it is not a profit making institution. These are issued for a period of three period and the profit is paid on a monthly basis. In this aspect cantra is another concept, which is followed in the branch where money is transferred.


There are three types of credit cards issued. The applicant should have such amount of asset that can be used as security of credit he has taken from bank. The Bank is using Human Resource as a strategic weapon, which will help them in achieving short term as well as long-term objectives.

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Askari Bank is striving hard to satisfy customer needs in regard to Islamic practices and needs. Advancing Loans Every bank has learn experience that depositors do not draw whole of their deposits at a time.

Importer says that he has no money and wants to import goods. But here one thing should be mentioned that it is the policy of the bank not to start the business on the rented premises.

They say that they will continue to invest in the modern tools and substantial allocation to resources will be made to achieve this objective during the current year. These departments receive deposits at low rate.

Internship Report on Askari Bank 2017 (New)

The amount of this finance is Rs The bank use the different technique to reach the target customer. In this case the seller shipping the good and the buyer makes the payment with a mutual understanding.

The important one services of the customer service department is the ATM card facility to their customer.