In this u can get free urdu tafseer of Quran para 11 to 20,tafseer ashraful havashi urdu pdf by api Download Ashraf-ul-Hawashi apk for Android. Ashraf-ul-Hawashi – Quran Translation and Tafseer by Sheikh M. Abdahul-Falah. Ashraf ul Hawashi. (Arabic text with two Urdu translations and commentary). Arabic text with Urdu translations by Shah Rafi-ud-din Dehlvi & Nawab Waheed Uz.

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Following are the features ofthis Surah Yaseen application: In setting, you can also change the Reciter among threepopular Qaris of World.

QUR’ĀN MAJID – Ashraf ul Hawashi (Arabic text with two Urdu translations and commentary)

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Ashraf-ul-Hawashi for Android – APK Download

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Ashraf-ul-Hawashi – Quran Translation and Tafseer APK Download – Android Education Apps

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