Ashes of Honor [Seanan McGuire] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. New York Times-bestselling October Daye series • Hugo. New York Times-bestselling October Daye series • Hugo Award-winning author Seanan McGuire • “Top of my urban-paranormal series list!” —Felicia. Book Review: Ashes of Honor by Seanan McGuire. October 13th, It’s weird how sometimes a book series grows on you. I initially only started the October.

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They won’t leave her. May, Etienne, the Ludaieg, and especially Tybalt, to name a few. And, like all of us, she has to work through her issues until she reaches a place where she can claim a little more happiness. Toby thought the last year was bad. She has grown so much and come such a long way since the first book. It was great to see her accept and even solicit help from her regular crew of friends and to see them all win the day as a mcguiire.

I can’t help but feel that this book was missing one final pre-publication read-through, or the hand of a strong editor. I feel like McGuire delivered everything I could possibly want from a UF novel, and I simply can’t wait for the next one.

Ashes of Honor

And then said changling disappeared whether she is lost or kidnapped is unknown, however what is known is that she is dangerous. Nightmare Magazine, April Chelsea is a rare and dangerous type of changeling, one who has received all the power of her fae parent and more but none of the control she needs to wield it safely.

But I have to go to sleep It was with that in mind lf I eagerly anticipated the next in the October Day series, Ashes of Honorbut can’t help but be disappointed about a few aspects that I perceived worsened this time around.


Design Exchange Nottingham July 29th: It doesn’t work that way. Reviews for the L There’s ashew in that. The worldbuilding is natural, flowing, and organic. All to say a better job should’ve been done to lay the groundwork for the portrayal of the apparent hinor Toby was going through during the time between the previous events and the start of this novel.

Those close to Toby determined that she was suicidal, but the evidence presented in the narrative just didn’t add up. In fact, if it wasn’t for that knowledge I would’ve thought she was doing quite well for herself.

Sounds more than a wee bit familiar; surprisingly, McGuire was able to still keep this story line unique for the most part. Is just me or does anyone else get a little thrill when Tybalt calls her ‘ little fish’? Jul 06, Choko rated it it was amazing Ashee Please don’t or me messages through Goodreads; they won’t be answered. Indeed, she is as obsessed with coffee drinking as I am and all the people in her life have learned to make it to her specifications.

If you love well written urban fantasy, with unique and interesting characters, you won’t be disappointed. Want to Read saving…. Yes No Thanks for your feedback! Twitter Facebook Flickr Pinterest. But danger is also stirring in the Court of Cats, and Tybalt may need Toby’s help with the biggest challenge he’s ever faced.

Please email webmaster fantasticfiction. There was also a separate subplot surrounding the Court of Cats which brought with it some new and very exiting developments. It isn’t fair, not to you and not to the people who care about you.

Seanan McGuire: Ashes of Honor

About Seanan McGuire Seanan McGuire lives and works in Washington State, where she shares her somewhat idiosyncratic home with her collection of books, creepy dolls, and enormous blue cats. Plus, she has learned about those people in her life—she cares about them, they care about herand she should probably get used to that.


I am jealous of readers discovering Toby now because they get to read the first 6 awesome books at once.

In fact, quite mcguife few interesting things are going on that I’ll be interested in seeing them unfold in the coming installments. There is kissing, some deep conversations, kissing, admittance of feelings and kissing…. Also in October Daye.

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The next Chimes at Midnight will be out next September. That’s all I’m saying so it can’t be a spoiler! Ashes of Honor 4 Stars Still recovering from the aftermath of her last case, Changeling PI, Toby Daye, is mcbuire to live up to her responsibilities. View all 4 comments. Plus, y’know, there was much Tybalt and Toby.

It’s been a year since the last book in Toby time as well as our timeand much has mcgukre But more than that are the other plot lines happening, character developments and a changling child to save. But rather than an actual review, which I did for my initial read of the MMP version, I thought I’d just jot down some of my favorite quotes from the book.

I’ve never found a trip into Toby’s San Francisco and the pockets of Faerie that overlap it disappointing, and I’m always looking forward to the next time I can return. Her name is Chelsea. Quentin, who’s around 18 now, is growing up fast.

I if no secrets when I say he is my favorite character. Luckily distraction comes from an unexpected source.