AS Accounting for Fixed. Assets. CA Final Course Paper 1 Financial. Reporting Chapter 1Unit Page 2. Contents. Introduction. Definitions. AS 10, Accounting for Fixed Assets, was initially issued in vide Plant and Equipment, will be covered as per AS 10 (Revised), Property. AS 10 Property, Plant and Equipment prescribe the accounting treatment for properties, P&E (Plant and Equipment) so that the users of.

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Admin February 20, Comments abhishek April 7, – Admin April 7, – It is also important to note that AS 6 — Accounting for Depreciation stands withdrawn and such matters related to depreciation is included in AS Manoj May 10, – Paid E-filing by Ucai CAs. The methods include SLM Straight-line Methoddiminishing balance method or units of production method.

Rajesh April 29, – 1: Invest in best performing Mutual funds for building long term wealth. No software installation required Safe and Secure. To download the PDF files, click the links below: Admin May 2, – 1: Nikita Kotian April 30, – If you are looking for amendments, you will find them in RTP. FREE software to e-file tax return of your clients. Various depreciation methods could be used for allocating the depreciable amount of an asset on a icao basis over the useful life of the asset.

ICAI – The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India

Some are minor and some are major in nature. Updated on Oct 12, – Plans start from Rs. The standard also prescribes, that the residual value and useful life of an asset must be reviewed at the end of each financial year and, in case the expectations vary from the previous estimates, changes must be accounted for as changes in accounting estimate as per Accounting Standard 5 — Net Profit or Loss for the Period, Prior Period Items and Changes in Accounting Policies.


One such major amendment is in Accounting Standards AS. In this article we cover the following topics: Admin April 30, – 1: How to file GST Returns? I have old books.

AS 10 deals with accounting for assets held for sale and items of fixed assets retired from active use. You can also download revision test papers RTP applicable for your attempt.

AS 10 Property, Plant and Equipment

The authors have even included a few illustrations for understanding purposes. According to the cost model, after recognizing the asset as an item of property or plant icaai equipment, it should be carried at the cost less the accumulated depreciation and the accumulated impairment losses if any.

Get done in 7 mins. It would be great if you can share these notes with your friends pursuing CA.

Revised AS 10 PPE Notes for IPCC & Final May 2017

Log In Sign Up. Admin April 25, – The relevant changes are incorporated in the same. Ramya August 27, – 1: To download the PDF files, click the links below:. Bulbul August 19, – 7: Admin April 24, – 2: You may want to like our Page icaj Facebook for more updates like this.


Admin April 29, – 3: This will definitely help the students in their exam preparation.

As per revaluation model, once the asset is recognized and its fair value could be measured reliably, then it must be carried at the revalued amount, which is the fair value of such asset at the date of the revaluation as reduced any following accumulated depreciation and accumulated impairment losses if any. The method of depreciation employed must reflect the pattern of future economic benefits of the asset consumed by an enterprise. Shraddha Tawde April 23, – 1: File all GST returns for your clients with automated data reconciliation – No download required.

Is this the only amendment given in the supplementary material?

There have been many amendments in various subjects. Depreciable amount of any asset should be allocated on a methodical basis over the useful life of the asset.

As the exams are closing by, students are looking for updates which are applicable for May examinations.