In the Land of Invented Languages by Arika Okrent The Unfolding of Language by Guy Deutscher Babel No More by Michael Erard Talking Hands by Margalit. In the Land of Invented Languages: Esperanto Rock Stars, Klingon Poets, Loglan Build A Perfect Language eBook: Arika Okrent: : Kindle Store. In the Land of Invented Languages: A Celebration of Linguistic Creativity, Madness, and Genius. Front Cover. Arika Okrent. Spiegel & Grau Trade Paperbacks.

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In the Land of Invented Languages by Arika Okrent | : Books

These guys did the groundwork that led to the Library of Congress classification of books and to Roget’s Thesaurus, so their magnificent effort wasn’t wasted.

Recommended, if the topic appeals. This is the way all natural languages are born–organically, spontaneously. If you’re like me, if you th I really enjoyed this book. For one, while I could guess that invention of language is Serious Business, I hardly thought it was a bloody business, too.

While many bright people like Mark tend to blame the world for not rewarding them more heartily for languates smarts, he accepts his own responsibility in the matter. She has compiled her very thorough! I bet he left that concept out of his language. ILIL ends with Okrent realizing she has a kind of sympathy for conlangers, but it sounds apologetic, and more than a little extorted by the expertise she witnesses at a language creation conference in And yet her book is a pleasure to read.

If a language was fully logical, advocates thought, then all the relationships could be seen. In the third section, Okrent turns to symbolic languages, invented mostly in the 20th century, and based on a simplistic understanding of Chinese graphology.

Okrent’s book is a compilation of wonderful stories about batty inventors–some lovable, like Esperanto’s Ludwik Zamenhof, some not, like Blissymbolics’s Charles Bliss. inventes


In the Land of Invented Languages

But neither are we. Though the casual attitude of ILIL provides much insurance against serious criticism, there are still areas where the book may be considered flawed. And it’s a great source of knowledge about human languages and why they exasperate some people – because they are not perfect. But even if you are like meyou will still enjoy this book. A truly original new addition to the booming category of language books, In The Land of Invented Languages will be a must-have on the shelves of all word freaks, grammar geeks, and plain old language lovers.

Powers, The Boston Globe.

Someone said something a certain way, someone else picked up on it, and someone else embellished. But not especially interesting. As Okrent goes through these examples, she is really giving us a history of what people think inveented languages should be. Okrent offers 26 chapters of insights into some of the world’s hundreds of invented languages. Then came the One Worlders: I have been in love with languages since childhood, and this book fed my obsession fully.

It helps that the genre practically doesn’t exist. Even if langyages coolness is a very geeky, linguistic coolness, obviously. One of the best uses of language is politicking!

The amount of metaphorical blood and guts, not to okretn reputations, self-esteem and other less tangible qualities, spilled in the creation, propagation and killing-off of said languages is as impressive as anyone could ever desire.

But few people have heard of Babm, Blissymbolics, and the nearly nine hundred other invented languages that represent the hard work, high hopes, and full-blown delusions of so many misguided souls over the centuries. I would have liked more reflection on the argument that Esperanto and other auxlangs are ‘too European’, and in general it was a shame that non-European conlangs like Afrihili or Guosa weren’t discussed in the main body of the book. The two types of invented languages that caused my head to throb in agony were 3.


But logic ain’t got nothin’ to do with it. Okrent’s book is a fascinating look at some of these attempts, from the well-known Esperanto to the obscure Toki Pona, which “uses only positive words. And they were all failures, dead in the water, spoken by no one.

The Mythopoeic Society Reviews: In the Land of Invented Languages

Okrent admits that it is the “overblown ridiculousness” of language inventors that first drew her to look into the subject. You should read the book because it’s a gripping account of some amazing people and some fascinating changes in the European cultural environment In fact, everything he owns somehow advertises his interests to the world.

In the Land of Invented Languages by Arika Okrent is a book ostensibly about invented languages like Esperanto that is filled with love for the beauty and inventiveness of natural languages. It’s lanr true neglected drama, and the personae and events are quite interesting. I had no idea that that many people going back to the inbented in Europe!

He recommended all lsnd languages, pictures, icons, all sorts of symbols, and having the keepers every years rethink the warnings based on current messaging. The chapters on Klingon were the most entertaining tugh qoH nachDaj je chevlu’ta’am I right? One of the best non-fiction books I’ve read this year, an Fantastic book! That little piece of synchronicity was amusing. Many became convinced that nonmathematical concepts could be expressed in similar ways, resulting in a language where every concept had to be looked up and its meaning made precise, through a table, and then all the concepts jammed together into an unreadable “sentence.