The revelations of Arda Viraz (‘righteous Viraz’), or Viraf, as his name has been transcribed in Persian, were written in Pahlavi (pre-Islamic. The Main Argument is Revolved around Arda Wiraz Namag. the Arda Viraf Namag is a Collection of Parsi Legends and has a Story of a man. And as the two oldest and most valuable MSS. of the Arda Viraf namak are in Europe, the one being- deposited in the Uni- versity Library al Copenhagen (Xo.

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H17, Hig omit a. Hn, Kao om, 7, 1. Crossing the Chinvat Bridgehe is then conducted by ” Sroshthe pious and Adarthe angel” through the “star track”, “moon track” and “sun track” — places outside of heaven reserved for the virtuous who have nevertheless failed to conform to Zoroastrian rules.

Then I saw the souls of a woman and a man who voided and are up the excrement. But fragments of only three of them, are now extant in the old Avesta language, viz. In order to accomplish this task, I went in the autumn ofin company with my friend Dr. Li homanam zak-i lak kunishn-i sarya-i lak, XVII.

The same two copies of the books are also mentioned in the proclamation of Khusru, son of Kovad, quoted from the Din-kard in my Essay on Pahlavi, p. Now the soul must suffer such severe torment and punishment. Valmanshan maman vanas kard, mun ru- hdnd angiin giran padafras yedruned? Koo adds final10,2.

K20 adds final8, 4. I also saw the soul of a woman 2 who ever dug into a hill with her own breasts; 3 and ever held, on her head, a mill-stone like a cap. The ‘upholders of the religion’ are the students of the Avesta.

Bubhukshita- trishitas’cha asnii; vigaf prathamafi tanoh khadyan dadata, pas’chat prash- nakurutakaryancha ades’at. The introductory chapter indicates a date after the Arab conquest and was apparently written in Pars.

Lists with This Book. I also saw the souls of those who, in the world, chanted the Gathas wrda used the prescribed prayers yashts8 and were steadfast in the good religion of the Mazdayasnians, which Ohrmazd taught to Zartosht; 9 when I advanced, they were in gold-embroidered and silver-embroidered clothes, the most embellished of all clothing.


Encyclopædia Iranica

Conversation between Auharmazd and Zaratusht regarding religion, lo. Valmcmshdn miiii rubdiidnmun dngiin paclafras yedrund? Hg adds final f. H,8 awdar — UJ.

The Book of Arda Viraf: A Dantesque Vision of Heaven and Hell by Charles Francis Horne

K20 adds final j9,10— De7i- man rubdn-i valman darvand ncshman mun hJtvctuk-das vindsid. Each person is described living an idealised version of the life arrda or she lived on earth, as a warrior, viarf, shepherd or other profession. On the other hand, the Pali- lavi final’ is often found in words which never have a Sasanian final 9 t; such as all plural nouns of which nine have been recognized in Sasanian and the following: Bundehesh in Pahlavi, as published, in fac-simile, by Wester- gaard in ; one folio is vlraf.

Denman ncshman maman vanas kard? Then I saw the souls of virar who were zrda, headlong, into hell; 2 and smoke and heat were driven upon them from below, and a cold wind from above. Notes to which the word [Dest. His ji d, Sans. Be the first to ask a question about The Book of Arda Viraf.

The Frobag fire is there said to have been first established in the dtcsh-gdli on the mountain Gadman-homand in Khvarizem Z. This process of purification, in which cow’s urine plays an important part, lasts for nine nights. If there be no omission in tbe text, it is possible that hdmand sbould be read for honuuiaw, and the translation would then be: After drinking mang and thus making an extra-terrestrial journeyhis viraaf are resolved.

U ‘Ushta ahmai yahmai ushta kahmrdchid’; aigh: J only in K. For instance, if a woman should ‘be desirous of knowing whether she would ever be in the family way, ‘and were to ask the Dhattura eater about it, he would reply to her, ‘that she would give birth to a child, if she did such and such a thing, ‘or if she performed Yatra pilgrimageor arad sacrifice, or that she ‘would never become a mother, as the case might be’.

It is apparently identical with the sraosM-charanaya which is so frequently mentioned in the Vendidad, in connection with numerals, when a fine is awarded. J only in Hg Arda-yirftf I.


The Book of Arda Viraf: A Dantesque Vision of Heaven and Hell

When I put forth the third footstep on Huvarsht, there where good deeds huvarsht are received with hospitality, there I arrived.

He, Koe have for J.

I also saw the soul of a man, 2 the skin of whose head they ever widen out, and with a cruel death they ever kill him. He, Koq omit J. And afterward, the lots of those Mazdayasnians and ada were drawn; 43 the first time with the word ‘well-thought,’ and the second time with the word ‘well-said,’ and the third time with the word ‘well-done’; each of the three lots came to Viraf.

H28and translated in p. And the soul of Viraf went, from the body, to the Chinwad bridge of Chakat-i-Daitik, 2 and came back the seventh day, and went into the body. It really belongs with the genre of Apocalyptic literature. Hang’s collection, an incomplete octavo MS. Br CM tat yat tatra samdcharitamasfi, manushyesJm, goshu, pashusliu, prithvlcanas- IKitivahiijaleshusatyameva prahruhi, yatah ctasmdt satyena shahyate samuitaritum. Those Dasturs of the religion and the seven sisters were occupied, seven days and nights, with the ever-burning fire and fumigations; and they recited the Avesta and Zand of the religious ritual, 33 and recapitulated the Nasks, and chanted the Gathas, and kept watch in the dark.

Whilst the king of kings went in and came out of that place, and kept watch around the place of fireand disturbed with this responsibilityhe remained watching Viraf whilst seven nights and days elapsed.

M in 83, g. Of the versions of the Arda-Yiraf namak in Persian verse, men- tioned by Destur Hoshangji, the principal one is that by destur Zara- tusht Bahiram, which was composed in A.

His guides declared themselves ready to show him the pleasures of paradise, and the terrors of hell ch. When was the Arda viraf namag written?