Aquaguard Verve is a complete water purification system which Eureka Forbes guarantee of prompt after sales .. i-Nova / Classic / Hi-Flo/Booster / Compact. Aquaguard I-Nova Sediment Filter Cleaning Method What Aquaguard hides from Surprisingly I got a detailed user manual in pdf format. Aquaguard Total I Nova Water Purifier (UV) Water Purifier – Get Aquaguard Total I Nova Water Purifier (UV) Water Purifier specification, features, photos, reviews.

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If you have any more queries, manuual get in touch withour service personnel at your nearest Eureka Forbes Customer Response Centre. Keep the spoutclean and closed with the cap provided.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. It was not that bad till few years ago. Signature of Sales Person: Burdwan, Asansol – 4.

Aquaguard I-Nova User Manual

When the green light glows youllhear 3 beeps indicating that theunit is ready to deliver clear, safedrinking water. After 30 seconds the water will oozes out. The Customer service on the phone promises attendance within 2 working days every time I call them, but no one ever calls back from the service center. The Aquaguard i-Nova functions effectively with the following stages. So that anyone can open the sediment filter as well as the carbon filter and clean it manually.


Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in or implied by this warranty. Image size per photo cannot exceed 10 MB. Ludhiana92, Knova Kiran Complex, 2nd Flr. Last year someone from the franchise came and asked for extra money for servic Not surprisingly, here too, the trust of over 11 million people like youforms the core around which it has been created.

Upload menu files with. Continue flushing for at least threeminutes or till the water becomes clear.

Taste Enhancer Cartridge Documents. Bhanu Complex, Sukhrali Road,Gurgaon.

How to clean sediment filter in Aquaguard i-nova | What Aquaguard hides from you

This depth filter with a nominal porosity of 5 microns and backflush facility ensures improved filtration and longer life. User Manual Pta i Documents. If water is not drawn for nanual than aquagard minutes, the unit automatically goes into auto shut-off mode andgreen light blinks. If the unit has not been used for aday or two allow glasses ofwater to flow out before usingthe water. Here in my area, there is lot of iron and When main supply voltage falls belowthe operating voltage range, the unit shuts off the watersupply and the yellow light blinks with alarm beeps, indicatinglow voltage condition.

Just to ensure yourfamilys good health, every day. Jagrut Mumbaikar Mar 18, All you need to do is to Pressthe music switch and then press the power switch. I have under taken their AMC after the end of guarantee period.


Bandhan the network was not that big and the service was not that prompt. This ensures product safety and reliability during voltagefluctuations.

Aquaguard I-Nova User Manual

While you fill your glass you canopt for a pleasant musical tune bypressing Music switch. But then again, what ca How does the IQA aquavuard

How long and where should one store the water? International and National endorsements for Aquaguard The rated life forthe pre-filter and Activated Carbon Block is hours of usage water flowwhilethe UV lamp has a life of hours. Datta Mandir, Aquaguars, Kolhapur Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: This is not my main problem. I am the user of Eureka Forbes Aquaguard i-Nova Water Purifier for the last 10 years, this is one of the best water purifier available in the market.

Oct 11, A uniqueElectronic Monitoring System which monitors the invoa.